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Sounds Good Right Now

I love whiskey.I love the smell and the taste.Pendleton is my favorite,I hate goin out with my friends and finding out that they dont have any.Whiskey and coke, iced pendleton shots, I love how it feels goin down my throat.Delicious.

blackcat blackcat 22-25, F 2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

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Ever try straight rye whiskey? Had some called Old Overholt once when traveling through Canada. It has a delightful spicy taste.

Mom passed away Wednesday, today is Friday and we had a memorial service for her this afternoon. Just before the service I went to the corner, bought a bottle of Seagrams because my mom was an all American type woman, went up the street to Dad's dome home and had a snort with him, a toast to Mom. It was fun, had another shot just a few minutes ago. I do like whiskey, on the rocks with a little water. Yumm!