Hmm It's A Mystery To Me.

I like all men, I cannot stress that enough, I'm just a woman who loves men, But there's something about white guys i like in particular. It might be their hair I love hair, It might be the blue eyes, I don't know, i'm crazy about James Mcavoy, those eyes. But I like white guys with brown eyes as well the Greek looking ones like Billy Zane who I love. I don't know what it is. I like spanish guys, i think they're sexy, I like Arab guys i think they're beautiful, I like Asian guys i think they are adorable, I like Black guys, i think they are beautiful as well and perhaps i connect better with them but, I'm just more attracted to White guys I don't know what it is. Well, no matter what I have high standards so i'm not just going to date you because you're white, i don't do that. I have to have a real connection with you, we have to be friends. Anyway, I wish i could figure it out myself but like I said in my title, It's a mystery to me.
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5 Responses Oct 27, 2011

am arabian guy can be friends dear?

yup i like all women. but i find that i really l love black women . I don't know why but I am not going to try to figure it out.

your just normal . lol

Really? ha ha

I totally agree with you :)

Hmmm, interesting, always nice to know there's someone appreciative of all kinds like me :)