I Almost Feel Guilty For It...

I do kinda feel bad about saying it, but I do have a little thing for white guys and I mean white guys as in light-skinned, btw.

I don't care what type of white, but my favorites are Irish, Scottish, English. Gingers are the most amazing product of the universe. *sigh*

South Koreans? Hell yes :D

*BTW I don't date white guys exclusively, I'm attracted to all colors, I just have a bit of a spot spot for my white men...lol*
ArabellaBlythe ArabellaBlythe
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6 Responses May 6, 2012

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Hold on ! *looking for white shoe polish* .

silly goose :P


:( . then i lose out . :( .

Lol you look light to me :)

Feel guilty !? Don't ! Nothing wrong with that!

yeah, you're right!

What stuff?<br />
<br />
How dare you sir :P

That explains stuff.