Very Sweet

White men are so creative....I've been fortunate to have them as friends in my life. I watch how they treat their ladies....they are so gentleman , thoughtful, creative. I realize having these qualities are not defined by your race at all. I realize regardless even that men can be jerks regardless of their race....that's TRUE. But in keeping with this group as well as my preference& attraction to white men, as well as my encounter to these guys in my life. I feel this story I'm writing has the proper true points...I've stated above.
There is something about white men that catches my attention....not just the outward appearance....although I love the blue, green,hazel eyes, I love the blonde, brown, dark hair, but their nature and qualities I've been fortunate to witness...and until recently encounter personally, is amazing, admirable, gentleman& very sweet. I can't help it,don't want to change it....I like& love white men.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Very nice. Many of us white gentlemen fully appreciate Ebony Ladies as well.