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this black guy that was trying to force me into dating him? yeah, don't remember how we started talking about this but I said I like tall guys, really tall 6' and above bc I wear really high heals and he said "no matter how high you're heal is you still ain't gonna be taller than me" and I was trying to get him off my back.... then we went out, and we stated that it was not a date, that it was a freindly thing, I was even gonna pay half of the cost but he didn't want me to....a few days laters he tells me his friend said "if you spend more than $30 when you go out with a friend, that's a date!" -_____- it was not a f date to me so I don't care and didnn't talk to him again lol

sigh, I was in a school where the majority was black so there was MANY guys that were trying to hit on me and that said that I was racist bc I didn't date anyone from the school. Well, I guess is btter that they thought I was racist and not lesb
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Damn...I'm only 5'11"....one inch too short, ha ha.