Black Girl Liking White Guys

Ok, so I'm 13 and I DO NOT act like a ghetto black girl (unless I'm trying to be funny and making a joke or something). I went to a private school in Florida until I was 9, where everyone was mild-mannered and spoke as if they valued eloquence. So, even though I have chocolate skin, I'm considered a 'white' girl in public school because of the way I speak and act. The girls around here act like they live in the ghetto, though I know for a FACT that they live in cul-de-sacs.
The guys act just the same, so I hang around white guys because I like them better. They're the type of guys I've hung around for a majority of my life, so I guess I'm just attracted to them.
I've never so much as looked twice at a black guy, but I'll find myself practically drooling over the white ones. I'd like to date one but I feel like they won't like me because I'm black. I don't like saying it, but it makes me feel ugly. I'm not DARK like an African, just a kind of milk chocolate. I don't know. I've heard of and seen blacl guys with white girls, but I've only seen a white guy and black girl together once. I just kind of wish that they'd like me like I do them.
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I am a 34 year old black woman and I don't "act ghetto". I speak regularly, just like a normal person. Being black is not synonymous with "acting black" or "acting ghetto". Though as black people we are often associated with that negative stigma. Just be yourself; speaking proper english doesn't mean you're trying to be white. There's nothing wrong with liking white guys, if you feel like you identify with them more. Just remember they aren't any different than other men/boys. At the end of the day, they're all the same. Just be you, a beautiful, intelligent, young lady on a journey of self discovery. :-)

Be yourself, do what you think is right for you, and while you may have issues with how people react because of the color of your skin, disregard it. I am in a interracial relationship and the color of her skin ist he last thing I care about. Your young so my advice is to love yourself for who you are and don't be so caught up in he color thing, also, don't allow some guy to take advantage of you because you like white guys. We can be jerks too, believe me! Take your time, and remember that you do not need a man on your arm to make you complete, you are good as you are, a guy is a want, not a need. People will call you any number of things the rest of your life, get used to it. I am an older man and get called all sorts of things, let it go, and attribute it to their ignorance, not your shortcomings. Be yourself and it will happen

creamy milk chocolate skin, now if you were only older

I am a white guy that simply adores black women. Go for it.

They will. Some of us do now, but you are sort of young. There are plenty of us white guys who like black women.

Wow, we could be joke