Understanding Preferences

I have always been attracted to white guys, I can't even accurately recall when it began. My first crush as a little girl was an adorable young man with blonde hair and blue eyes and though my type has changed (I like gingers and brunettes just as much) I still find them irresistible. I live in a predominantly minority area, the former great chocolate city no less and yet somehow I have come to find their pale skin and narrower features very appealing. For years I've wondered what could have spurred this inclination and I have analyzed and pondered. My father is a natural blonde (though he is black) and ethnically my family is blended with a little bit of everything and the kitchen sink. I have seven brothers who are all exemplary figures of the attractive, interesting and motivated black man. I have two sisters married to wonderful black men and still I am drawn to what I like. Of course my manner has always confused the black men who've tried to "talk" to me (I have been accused on more than one occasion of trying to be white) and perhaps sub-culturally (tastes in music, television, and literature) I have more in common with white guys or perhaps people are just attracted to what they are attracted to. The bottom line is that I think they are extremely sexy.
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Your attraction is based on your experiences. I personally have been accused of wanting to be Asian or Black and been called the N word. I find wonderful people no matter the color of their skin and never plan to be ashamed.

very confusing , indeed.

you are attracted to who you are attracted to, colour of the skin don't matter

I agree

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