Wife Sharing

I like the idea of sharing my wife , yet in my fantasies for this moment because I feel aroused and sexually bonded to my wife , I even share this thought with her and she enjoys the idea as a fantasy only, yet  any sudden moves might be catastrofical to us . So some times different ideas might add spice to sexual marriage and bond us together to a better understanding .Enjoy it while you can . Love making is not just a mechanical achievement .

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It's hot. Your hearts pounding as you watch them, the sexual tension is incredibly arousing. Seeing it all from up close.... Sharing her, watching while she *******, seeing her body moving, her quick breaths, her moans and whimpers of pleasure as he plunders her wet sex...... You watch his hard **** sliding in and out, in and out of her, see her body responding to it, see her lips gripping it as he withdraws, then fold around it on the return stroke. So erotic..... Finally his balls tighten, his rhythm picks up, and he stiffens and begins shooting that hot, sticky ***** into her. She screams her ****** out in return, toes curling, hips swiveling and pumping against him, trying to milk every bit of him out. When he rolls off of her, its your turn. Mounting her sweat slickened body, hearing her gasp as you enter her, feeling the wetness, the slipperiness of their ***, so, so hot....
Your hearts pounding as you watch them, the sexual tension is incredibly arousing

I am very much jeolous and my wife also.But while having sex we fantasize about other man or couple watching us or doing it along with us.

Otherwise nothing goes further.

Delightful thoughts...If you can't hope to make the fantasy real it ceases to be interesting. My wife likes the fantasy but gets upset when she thinks I am going too far to make it real.... I believe that if I just came home with another guy to #### her she would go along with it because she is so wonderfully female. So, do I or don't I ?

If one can just find good men out there. I love to be shared and love other men to *** in me, but just to find decent ones.

So if we cant find some men then an extra female is nice to. I dont let my man screw her, but anything else is ok.

He like to see other men *** in me. Just like me.

Ive done it --watched & helped other men have sex with my wife --- IT'S GREAT .

You guys need to go for it if your wife is willing.

like I said take her out for a few drinks to a club.kind of lay back watch from the side lines see what happens

my wife has had a few black males and it is a major thing to watch.the tatboo aspect of it is amasing plus the contras is wonder to behold

Dear GMO

your turn on is the same as mine I love the Idea of somebody invading my wife's teretory and she like the idea too yet it is only the daring part that is blocking us from doing any thing about it . Keep on talking about it since it gives you both great sensations and it arouses both of u to the limits. Yet what is nice that it makes you always horney about her thus uprising your love to her and you appreciate making more sex to her . keep on trying and do not feel guilty about it since it is keeping you both aroused

Emphathy brother, it is a hell of a turn on. Imagination can be awesome, but like you reality could be dangerous to the bond. My sweet little wife has never been with another man. The thought of her making love though to another is a big turn on fantasy. I get jealous and horny at the same time thinking about it. true paradox

I have same fantasy. Paradox for me, I get jealous and turned on at the same time imagining my sweet little innocent honey ******* a well endowed stud. I used to tease my wife about a FFM 3some. She was trying to make me jealous and shut up about a 3some when she said"how would u like it it if it was MMF" At 1st I didn't but then the thought has been constant turn on. Karen was a bona fide virgin when we married at 17. Thinking of her ***** being invaded by a really large **** is making me horny as hell. when I teased her once while making love she shocked me by saying "I 've always wondered if what they say about blacks is true". We both had a intense ****** then. The next morning she was embarrassed and did not want to bring subject up again. I think she opened up and gave me info that she had deep down repressed and did not want brought out.