Wife Flashes Boobs On Motorway

I was driving with my wife on the M5 near Cribbs Causeway Bristol.  My wife was horny, so I was messing around and started playing with her boobs.  I pulled her top down and put my hand in her bra.  Her nipples were really erect.  She said that someone might see.  I said well let them and pulled alongside a 4x4.  I had my hand inside her bra and pulled her bra down to expose her breasts.  She turned to me to hide embarassment of looking at the driver.  The driver had a fantastic view of her boobs and when I pulled away, he speeded up to try and carry on watching.  I managed to get her to have her boobs out for about 5 miles before we pulled off the motorway.  It was such a turn on for both of us.  We were at it like rabbits when we got into the house.  I am trying to take it to the next level and let a stranger feel her boobs.

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4 Responses Mar 30, 2010

I love exposing my girlfriends boobs (they are pretty big and really beautiful) whil driving on the highway. The best is to slowly pass trucks and hoping that the trucker looks down on her big exposed breasts.

Wife drives topless.. but line of sight... no one sees...

Yes, I agree with lovcruising ... I have never had a trucker look away once he saw my boobs or my blonde *****. I wonder why that is???? * wink *

we love to flash on the road....she has to know how much power she has showing them off....we all need a memory of a time some hottie gave us a thrill......<br />
we have never meet a guy that said put them away .....