Wife Shows Her 40ddd **** In Vegas

We're going to Vegas and I hope to be even more bold this time with showing off my wife's 40ddd ****. We'll be there 18, 19, 20 August this year. My wife likes to play the slots and I like to open her blouse while she does. We are staying at the Excalibur again.

Last year she wore a black shelf bra under a thinner black blouse. It wasn't totally see-thru but it was darn close, meaning if she was in the right light, it was definitely see-thru. While she played the slots, I would open one button at a time, and then would pull her top open just a bit too, showing more and more cleavage. After she got used to that I would open another button and pull her top open a little more.

At first we did this at the slots on the walls or in the farthest corners. But, as time passed and as I saw more and more people look her over, I got hornier and bolder. We moved to an aisle seat on a main traffic aisle. I continued to open another button until her blouse only had one button closed. This took a good while as she had to get used to the situation, after I opened each button.

She more or less ignored me, but she did look down once in a while. If she was feeling nervous, she tugged her blouse shut but never closed any buttons. I was happy to keep feeding her money to play as long she let me expose more and more of her **** in public.

She got to the point where she ignored me entirely and by the time I had her shirt open down to the last button, I also had pulled it a little more open as time passed. I eventually got her shirt open all the way to show off all of her bra. Her nipples were still in her bra, but barely.

And, you can bet that everyone, and I mean everyone, walking by looked her over. I took some pictures of her sitting there like that and they are super, but my wife still will not allow her picture on the web, with or without her face and with or without clothes. I hope someday she will go along with that too.

What I also like to do is take pictures of her flashing her naked **** in Vegas. It would be a fantasy-come-true if I could get some guys, or gals, in the picture while she flashed. It would be great if I could position her so that someone could be around the corner and "surprise" us while she had her **** out. I don't know, but I like to think that she would then allow them to be in the picture with her. I would tell her that they've already seen her **** and it couldn't matter. She might like the idea. Of course it would be even better if someone would put their hand under one of her naked **** or drape an arm over shoulder and put their hand on a naked *** while I took a picture in public, but that may be far too much to even hope for.

I am sure she'll let me do the thing again with opening her blouse while she plays slots…and I know she'll also wear some very, very low cut neck tops and dresses, while braless, because she did so the last time. With her cooperation, I've modified the same clothes to show even more of her braless ****. I'd like to get the exposure right down to her nipples, but that is a whole lot of naked *** for a 40ddd, and I doubt she is up to that yet. However, I do think the opening is now great enough that if she bends over, her **** could fall out.

Last year she wore a sexy black shelf bra under a spaghetti strap black top that showed some nice cleavage even before she bent over. I asked her to let me film her bending over in some stores while she was facing men and letting them look down her top. Much to my surprise and pleasure she agreed. We would find a guy without a gal and she would bend over like she was looking at something on a lower shelf. After 10 or 15 seconds she would then squat down and look at the stuff on the bottom shelf. All the time I was videotaping behind the guy while he looked down her blouse. Granted she never showed any nipple, but she sure showed a whole lot of ***. To my surprise, my wife liked doing this for me and I loved her for it.

We also visited the Hooters Casino while there and I asked my wife to open her blouse all the way and walk across the parking lot while I filmed her. I told her that her black bra would simply look like part of her outfit, and it did, but still it was one sexy bra. She looked fantastic. While she walked, a couple walked out of the garage next door and was looking right at her. She flinched some, and turned just a little, but she let them look.
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going to vegas nov 19th..luv to take my wife somewhere..maybe a ***** club

I'll help you next time out there if I'm around