On A Dare

A few years back my wife was the secretary of the local Pop Warner football group. She was the only woman on the board and the President who was and still is a good friend of mine, had an obvious desire to have her. She had been at the pool all day and the President's wife happened to be there as well and the two had several cocktails during the day. Over the course of conversation my friend’s wife effectively dared my wife to wear her bikini top to the football meeting that night - in front of a room full of horny, football coaching men - who tended to drink pretty heavily during their meetings. Trooper that she is, my wife accepted the dare and went to the meeting in a denim skirt and her bikini top. For good measure she did put a button down shirt over it just so she could get in and out of the meeting without being publicly indecent, but the button down shirt came off for the meeting. The witnesses who were there, my friend the President included, said that as soon as the general meeting was over and it was just the board in the room, she lost the button down and spent the rest of the meeting in her bikini top. I will share with you all here that my wife has never owned a bikini top in her adult life that has properly contained her 38 D breasts so she had to have been falling out of it all night.

Before she left for the meeting, I openly encouraged her to take the night as far as she wanted but to call me if she ran into any trouble at all. I told her I would be fine if she decided to take the top off, or take it even farther, but that I'd like to know exactly what happened when the night was done - no matter how far it went. I also texted the President and told him what was going on and told him that he had my full permission to take advantage of the situation to the fullest extent that she would allow. I encouraged him to try to get a few drinks in her and try to get her out of the top and see just how far she would go.

I've been told that nothing happened that night beyond her sitting through the meeting in her bikini top.....but I love to think that much more happened and that nobody has confessed to anything yet. I have to admit that I was ROCK HARD the whole time she was out thinking about that room full of guys enjoying her **** and hoping against hope they'd convince her to lose her inhibitions, lose the top, and maybe even take on the full room of horny guys. Maybe she did and they all secretly decided that it would be better if I just didn't know. Guess I’ll never really know, and I’m OK with that.

Had a request for photos in a comment....I don't have any from that night, and want to be careful about what I show here....but here's one that was taken recently at the local pool that shows off her fun bags in a very nice fitting bathing suit.   I still get hard thinking about her in that meeting that night...surrounded by nothing but drunk guys....wearing nothing on top other than a bikini top.

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The picture shows beautiful breasts and the story is outstanding. Do you actually believe nothing else happened? Nobody even tried to touch her? Even your good friend the club president, who got a text with your explicit permission?<br />
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I beg to differ. I'd like to think your wife behaved much sluttier that night than she is letting on. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it :-).

I like your version of the story. I love to think that more happened that night...I don't think they ****** her, but I prefer to think that they got her out of that bikini top and touched and fondled her while her head tilted back and her eyes rolled back in her head and she wondered to herself just how far it would go... ;-)

My guess is that your wife enjoyed playing the tease that night, and it may not have happened in the room full of guys, but the last one or two may have not only looked but tasted. I know I would have!

Well, damn..... I wish now that you would have been there...cause I would have loved for her to be taken that night by a couple of those guys.

you are one lucky guy. I have been trying to get my wife to wear her bikini bathing suit now for six years since we moved into a new compound but she says she does not feel good doing this. I told her she is a beautiful lady and should not be ashamed of her body. She has small 34C **** but the top bearly holds them in also. I wish that she would do it but. You are one lucky guy and your wife is very nice looking.

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have a great wife. I would have loved to have seen the show. She looks good in her photo. I bet she has as much fun showing off her **** as you do when she does.