My Wife Played Pool In Public In A Shelf Bra!

My wife is getting better and better about showing off her **** when we play pool, eight-ball. I looked back at some earlier pictures of what she wore and how much she was exposing; she has come a long way. She started out just allowing all of her cleavage to show, then she was wearing a see-thru blouse over a sexy bra, but now we are getting really bold.

We played for about two hours this past Wednesday afternoon and she was really good, not yet as bold as I am hoping for, but definitely moving that direction. The pool hall is divided into two sides, one for smoking and one for non smokers. Although my wife is smoking hot, couldn't resist the pun, we are both non smokers.

When we arrived there were two guys already playing but they were three tables away from us. Eventually a single guy showed up and played at a table by himself, Then four college students, 3 guys and 1 gal, also showed up. Although none of them played on a table next to us, my wife can get antsy when others are around, even though I encourage her to act like we are alone.

Wednesday afternoon she wore a beige shelf bra. It has no design to it, but it is cut really low so that my wife's DDs were exposed all the way down to the edge of her areola. She wore a green and white "wind" blouse, a blouse that has no buttons and has a lot of layering in the front that blows in the wind. Usually she pins the front closed at the height she is in the mood for on any particular day. On Wednesday she left it unpinned.

She started out conservative, only showing cleavage, but as she got used to the two guys being there, she started leaving her blouse hanging down both side of her breasts as she walked around the table to take a shot. So there she was, calmly walking all the way around the table with her blouse wide open and her **** barely contained in her beige shelf bra, in full view of anyone who wanted to look. Granted she wasn't showing any nipple, but she was stunning. Although she did this plenty of times, she more often would allow only one breast uncovered at a time. I guess she was thinking that that might look more like an honest accident.

I looked at the two guys to see if they were enjoying the show. Twice I saw one of them holding a cell phone up like he was reading a message, but that is the same position you hold a phone when you are using the camera, which I hoped he was doing. He was definitely pointing it toward us.

About an hour later when the single guy arrived, my wife got a little antsy, but she got better as time passed. She gave him plenty of chances to see her blouse wide open. Unfortunately when the college students started playing, making it 7 observers, that must have been too many for my wife because from that point on she showed mostly only one breast at a time.

I like to take her nipples out of her bra (on those days when she's wearing a bra) for about the last 20 to 30 minutes we play and I did so again Wednesday. But that made my wife even more antsy and although she did some flashing, it wasn't nearly as bold as when only the two guys were there. In hindsight maybe I should have taken her nipples out while only the first two guys were there.

After we finished playing, my wife walked across the parking lot to our vehicle while letting the wind blow her top open all the way, showing off her **** in that beautiful beige shelf bra. Talk about horny.

And yes folks I took plenty of pictures and plenty of video tape, but my wife still is opposed to having any picture posted on the web or shared with anyone, regardless if she has clothes on or not and regardless if her face is showing or not. I'm still working on getting her to change her mind.
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Had a girlfriend that had some great ****. When she wore revealing clothes, SHE was the one checking out who was looking. Really enjoyed the reaction and the admiration.

i had a great time with my drunk ex shooting pool but i don't think she knew her top hung completely open when she leaned forward to make a shot

I love it. All respect..

Lovely story! Hope she wants to show more very soon.

It is good that your wife likes to show. I think all women should. You are the lucky man.

you are a lucky man! your wife loves to exhibit.

Great Story, thanks for sharing.