Peek A Boo!!!

     I was driving home after a round of golf, and I called to tell my wife the guys were going to come over for a few beers. They love stopping in to say Hi to the Mrs.   She was just getting home herself, and told me she got me a case of beer so I didn't have to stop. I told her she is the best wife ever, and hung up. 
     We pulled up about 15 minutes later, and my wife opened the door, kissed me and asked how we all played. She was wearing this shirt that drives me crazy. The bottom half of the shirt is sheer and barely covers the bottom of her boobs. She turned around and we all walked towards the back deck. I massaged her shoulders as we walked, pulling the shirt up. We got to the back yard and myself and guys got instantly aroused. She was watering the plants, and finally sat with us. Her shirt was up in the front and her entire breasts were showing through the sheer part of the shirt.

The boys stayed for awhile until she went inside to make dinner.
The show was great, but was over.
Plywithme4now Plywithme4now
46-50, M
May 7, 2012