Tight Or Baggy

My wife wears revealing clothes alot, she says it's because I like it but I think she likes it too. Today we are going on a trip and she is wearing a mini skirt with no panties and a low cut top which shows her cleavage and also you can see her aerolas through the semi transparent material. She will be pumping the gas for me today, when she bends over she offers a fantastic view.

I am still undecided about which is sexier, A tight shirt where you can see the aerolas or a baggy shirt where you can get an "accidental" view of lovely breasts
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8 Responses May 11, 2012

Both are equally hot!!!

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decisions... decisions... How about alternating days? Loose fitting then tight and sheer. Love when a hot woman wearing low scoop neck top bends over and paradise valley is open as far as the eyes can see...

I'm sure I'd love both!!!

The best is her showing her *****

think both are great sart with one and change get best in one day

Do you have to choose. I like both.
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good question, depends on what your doing I think. Dinner, tight leggings, loose sheer top. Pumping gas, loose plunging neckline, short skirt/shorts. Let me know where you'll be!

I think tight is better