Ho Ho Ho, Jaws Dropped, Eyes Popped!!!

       I finally got time to write this.  It's been easier reading the stories,  but I had to get this story down for you all.

     1st,  We had this outstanding Christmas party that we have every year and it's huge.  About 2,000 people give or take. They have it at a big venue in a huge ballroom obviously.  Every year about 10 couples or so meet up a few hours before to get primed for the bash.  Everyone is always dressed to the nines and most of our crowd has the coolest people that like to party and just have fun.  So the girls always dress very nice.  Some like the gown look,  some do the sequins thing, etc.
      The outfit you see here is what I was begging her to wear.  Go figure. I thought it might be a little too much for a company function, but there are always so many people and everyone's normally pretty trashed when we get there anyway,  I had to go with my instincts.  I bought the skirt, which is black denim around the waste, and about an inch or so down. the denim comes to a point above her crotch, and to a point in the back at her tailbone.  The rest is lace.  Oh my Lord!!  The top,  well,  what can I say.
      I had showered,  brought the kids to grandma's, while she did her shower,  make-up, etc.   I came back,  walked in while she was in a towel doing painting her toes. I knew she wouldn't go without panties, but I tried a little. I knew no panties would have really pushed the envelope.  We agreed that a thong bathing suit bottom would be cool,  and give the illusion of um, um,  well,  you know. She put the skirt on,   and I looked and got instant wood.  Her red satin and lace top was smokin.  The black lace covered the top of her great boobs and the red satin covered the bottom half. I just just started shaking with excitement, because I could see the top of her boobs including half her aeriola and some nipple at times. I just wanted to lick her nipples and rub her just baby-oiled ***.  Her legs were shiny, and As she looked in the mirror primping her hair, I sat on the bed and could not take my eyes off of her bare ***.  I knew the guys would go crazy thinking she was naked under that lace,  and it sure looked like it. I bought her these very cool thigh high stockings that aren't in this picture,  but they came up only to the lace skirt line, about mid thigh. It was friggin hot. I'm shaking just typing this.  I need a beer.  
     We get ready to go and she had a nice silk gaucho-type blazer that topped the outfit off.  We partied at out friends,  Our friends didn't say anything except for how great we looked, and all the girls looked friggin great.  One of the wives had a dress that was so short,  with no back.  The back went down so far the top of her *** crack was visible so we all knew there were no panties there.  And this dress was short.  There was multiple times we all got shots of her newly married *****.  I knew mu buddy would come through.
   We finally get to the party, pretty hammered from Jaigermeister shots and beers, and more.  My wife and I walk in hand in hand,  and 1 of the guys that works with us and was working that night looked as soon as we entered the ballroom. He was about 10 feet in front of us, and he just said, "out loud"--"Oh my God"!!!    I told him to relax and that she was wearing a bathing suit underneath. I didn't want the poor guy to have a coronary. 
     After eating and drinking a little more,  the music went from dinner music to dance music. We all got up and hit the floor.  When my wife took her blazer off I couldn't walk I was so hard.  She was still sitting as she took it off and her lace top opened as she put her arms together and apart.  Both her boobs were there,  but just enough to tease the crap out of everyone.  Sitting next to her, I got the nipple vies but the she stood up and joined the girls on the dance floor.  I needed to sit for a few or walk like a tripod.  As she danced and she spun around her skirt would let you see her cheeks through the lace and the thigh highs were perfect since the lace tops that hold them up were just below the skirt line.  
  I must say,  the party was a success, we went crazy on the way home as she put her head between my legs while I drove.
Whew...I gotta go get laid now!!


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the out fit is amazing i'm not having a heart attack but it's stirring other things

Beautiful story AND photo.

Amazing outfit. You two are fantastic.


Wow, hot story,she looks classy but hot.

Man I am so jealous your wife is so stunningly beautiful makes my **** hard

Sounds like a candidate for top party of the year and you wife wins best dressed.

Damm, I wish I was at that party!

Really need to see with thigh hi - any chance?

must have been a lot of guys with blue balls!

Sounds like a great party. And, a hot outfit!