I was out of town on business. A really nice little town about 45 minutes from where we live. When I told my wife about the annual street festival that they were having, I suggested that she should meet me for lunch. All the stores had sidewalk merchandise, including a lot of very nice original artwork. She asked me who was coming with us, and I told her, "just us!". I told her I'd meet her at this sidewalk cafe. I got a nice table in the front of this cafe, watching all the people stroll by. My wife called and told me she was looking for a parking space. I saw her driving up the street and stood up as she passed and waved. A spot opened up down the street, and I watched as she parked the car. I ordered drinks, then I turned and looked down the street. My wife looked great in her tight black dress and heels. The dress is very sheer and she had on a black slip, and a very sexy black lace bra. You could actually see the top half of her nipples through the lace. A few guys turned as she walked by them towards me. We kissed hello, sat and had a great lunch. I told her constantly how great she looked, and seeing her nipples made me want to **** her right there on the table. I gave the waiter my credit card, and she went to the ladies room before we went shopping. The waiter was at the table, as I was signing the slip. She came back and stood there asking if I was ready to go. I looked up, giving the signed receipt and noticed the waiter staring across the table at my wife. I looked over and must have been white as a ghost. She had taken off her bra, and slip, and was now standing there in this VERY sheer black dress.
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We shopped up and down the street going through what the vendors had to offer. I was hard as a rock the entire time, and lost some juice in my shorts.
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Very hot....can you add me?

Gotta love the wife who will play like this....awesome.

OMG!! That is so hott!! Bet that made for an exciting day.

Very Hot!!