A Little Black Dress

I had to work on Valentine's Day and part of my job required me to take a party of people to dinner at a restaurant.  My wife surprised me by showing up in a new dress.  Whew! Her little black dress was very exciting to see.  I wonder if it can stand the punishment I plan to give it when she puts it on again! 

All through dinner, I kept thinking about raising the hem to reveal her luscious *** cheeks.  I considered begging her to slip into the men's room, bend her over to take my pleasure and then watching her as she straightened the hem, smiled in the mirror and headed back into the dining room.

married2bf married2bf
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Wives can be so much fun, can't they! Mine is creative and seductive like that too and I love her for it!

I'm thinking about taking some! Yes, she was a bit distracting but I was "on the job" and even her knockout efforts can't really rattle me when I go into the zone. :( I'll bet that ticks her off a bit too!