Beach *****

One of the sexiest episodes I have shared with my wife was about 17 years ago, on holiday in Wales. The weather was great, so we spent most days on the beach. My wife usually indulged me by wearing just one of my t-shirts with nothing underneath, and it was a great turn on when she bent over or climbed some steps and showed her *** and *****, especially if someone else was there to catch a glimpse. One day however she took me by surprise - as we were getting ready to go to the beach she put on a particular t-shirt of mine that was shorter than the rest, and didn't even quite cover her ***-cheeks. Even as she walked across the road to the car I could see her neatly trimmed ***** under the hem of the shirt, and as she climbed in it rode up almost to her waist. We drove the four or five miles to the beach, with her ***** on display to anyone who looked into the car. When we arrived, we descended the steps to the beach, and of course everyone coming up in the opposite direction got a good look up her t-shirt at what lay beneath. By now, my **** was swollen fit to burst, and trying to disguise it under my shorts was well-nigh impossible! When we got on the beach we found a spot pretty close to the path leading to and from the steps, so it was quite busy with people coming and going. We laid out our towels, and she lay full-length to take in the sun. In this position, the t-shirt only just reached the top of her pubes. Everybody who passed us couldn't resist taking a sly look at her *****, and I nearly shot my load on the spot when she gave me a little smile and parted her legs slightly. 'Is that better?' she said. I was speechless! 'Well,' she said, 'I know you like it when people can see my **** - I might as well do it properly!' I'd never been so excited in my life, seeing all these people looking between her legs. After a while it was time for us to leave, and she made a big show of bending over to pick up her towel with her legs straight and her feet apart, her bare *** in the air and her ***** on show for anyone who cared to look. Ever since then she has been happy to please me by wearing the shortest of skirts with no pants to wherever we might be going, and sharing a good view of her **** with countless people over the years.

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