The Best See Through Blouse In The World


I’ve seen a lot of different see through tops on women in public over the years and I’ve loved all of them. If I had to rate them, it would be very easy to pick number one; ranking number two and the rest afterwards would be more difficult, fun but difficult. But, number one is so far out in front of the others, I get turned on every time I think about it.

Unfortunately number one was not of my wife, although I’d love for it to have been her. This is what happened. My wife and I were driving through downtown Frankfurt, Germany. We were in the nightclub area, a couple of blocks from the main train station, or the Haupt Bahnhof as it’s called over there. It was mid afternoon, on a bright sunny day in the middle of the summer…about 1979 or 1980. My wife and I were newlyweds and she loved the attention I gave her and she loved pointing out other women she thought I might not have noticed. She was/is also willing to show off for me in public, at least to some extent, but more on that at a later time. 

On this day, as usual, traffic was inching along and there were people all over the place. It was a lot like being in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Although there were no people walking down the middle of the street like at Mardi Gras, there were plenty of people on the sidewalks and jay walking across the street.

Because it was the nightclub district, and the club barkers were out in full force, my wife and I were hoping to see something interesting. I was being very careful not to run into the back of the vehicle in front of us. My wife and I were scanning the area all around us. While I was looking in a different direction, my wife nudged me and when I glanced at her, she was pointing toward the left curb of the street.

She was pointing at a gal I’ll never forget, at least part of her. Some parts of her I simply cannot recall, regardless of how much I want to. Like the color of her hair or how long it was, I don’t have a clue. But, I do remember she was maybe in her early 30’s, average height, average weight, wearing a snug black skirt with a hem two or three inches above her knees.…but most important of all, I will never forget her blouse.

 I don’t recall the color of her blouse either, but I think it might have been yellow. The color didn’t matter anyway, as it was so see through that it almost didn’t have any color at all. More important than even that was the fact that she was braless. Now I’ve seen topless women and women in sexy tops many times in many parts of the world, but I had never seen and still have never seen a topless gal crossing the street in the middle of a clear day in a busy part of a busy city with people everywhere, and everyone else was dressed "normally."  No one was with her. She was acting like everything was perfectly normal. She wasn’t shy. She wasn’t taking note of anybody and there were plenty of people. She also wasn’t paying any attention to whether or not anyone was looking at her. Obviously incredibility self confident of herself…perfect!

She had “B” or maybe “C” cup breasts, about average, I guess. Her nipples were an average size and color, clearly visible. Her **** were not perky, but who cared. They didn’t hang any lower than you’d expect that size of cup to hang. Like I said, her blouse was so see through, she might as well have not been wearing a blouse at all. I’m sure I was bug eyed while I watched this 98% topless gal on a main street, with plenty of people all around.  Her top was more see through than saran wrap because saran wrap would have reflected some of the sun and the blouse she was wearing didn’t do that. I didn’t know there was cloth so thin. How can cloth be thick enough to sew into a blouse but so thin it is 98% see through? There was also no design in the cloth; it was just plain cloth. Man did she ever look great!

After she took one step off the curb, she paused and looked both ways twice, giving everyone a great look at her exposed ****. I don’t know why she was checking for traffic, because when people started noticing her, everyone stopped. Not a vehicle moved. Not a person anywhere in her vicinity moved. All of us were frozen, staring at this beautiful sight, staring at her almost naked ****. Still, she was ignoring every one of us. She nonchalantly walked to the middle of the street with a normal pace. She wasn’t strutting and she wasn’t walking slowly and she wasn’t walking fast. Like I said, she was acting perfectly normal. As she walked, the slight jiggle of her exposed breasts was completely visible.

Everyone’s eyes followed her. When she reached the middle of the street there was a car directly across her path. She paused, standing immediately next to the male driver’s window and he was smiling from ear to ear. As she looked down at him, she saw him leering at her naked ****; she frowned a little, turned and casually walked around the back of his car. I thought he might break his neck trying not to lose sight of her. She just as nonchalantly finished her jay walk across the street, stepped up on the curb, crossed the wide and busy sidewalk and entered a building. That’s another thing I can’t remember, what building.


I thought I would *** right there. I told my wife that what we had just seen had been fantastic and I would love for her to do the same thing…unfortunately she made it clear that that was very unlikely. In fact my wife has done many sexy things in public, but nothing as bold as what we had just seen.

There are times when I think the whole incident lasted a couple of seconds and there are times when, in my imagination, it lasted an hour. In reality, I know it probably lasted maybe a minute at most. However long it lasted, it wasn’t long enough for me to grab our camera for a picture. After it was all over, no one moved right away. As I looked around, I saw big smiles on everyone’s faces that had noticed this beautiful woman. If I hadn’t been married I think I would have wanted to propose to her.

I have no idea why she crossed the street dressed in a totally see through blouse with her beautiful **** completely visible to all of us. Perhaps she was dared to do it, perhaps she simply didn’t want to put on a bra, perhaps she simply liked dressing like that, perhaps she was doing it for her boyfriend, perhaps she was doing it for a documentary, perhaps she was a working lady. Who cares, she had just done something incredibly sexy, and the only really bad thing is that I may never get to see something like that great again. Nowadays I would park, locate her and ask her for a picture, but I was so young at the time it happened I didn’t yet have the nerve to do anything like that.

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3 Responses Jan 10, 2010

I spent over 10 years in Germany and loved all of it. I especially liked how the people were more accepting of sex.

Beautiful and boldly enigmatic! You can't beat that for a memory!

Well told. Although I've been there, and some other places in Europe where I saw some amazing things, I never had the privledge of experiencing anything this outstanding. Your words painted a beautiful picture in my mind. Thanks.