Wife Did A Great Job

My wife and I are very conservative. However the one thing I appreciate about her, is that whatever I want her to dress in she will.

Needless to say on a recent trip to the Caribbean, she wore every night very extremely revealing tops that were right above her nipple. If she bent over, you would see the hue of her ****. I love her for it.. Guys were looking every single day and I stepped back and took it in. I was very impressed, horny and had great sex getting off on her being wanted by others.

tonponit tonponit
31-35, M
4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

It is so hot to see your normally shy or conservative wife dressing sexy and naughty for you (and everyone else around too :D ).

Nice story.

It gets me off too. Jim picks my clothes when we go out of town. He says he likes that every man wishes they were him and with me. It makes me hot too.

We all hope ya posted a few pics of her in those tops! Bill