My Wife Showed Her **** To Two Strangers While Playing Miniature Golf

My wife let her **** slide out of her top on a miniature golf course while two guys watched.  This is my third wife and she is not into being an exhibitionist, but, for me, sometimes she is good…and she was usually good whenever we played miniature golf…and this was one of those times:

 When we were first married, she-24 and I-32, we lived in Germany.  I loved playing their miniature golf.  They do not have carpeted courses; most of them are on slate.  My wife liked coming along and she would play too.  At my request, she would usually wear a sexy top when she played and my favorite was a particular t-shirt.

That t-shirt wasn't the usual t-shirt.  It was solid green and had a crossover X to hold the deep swoop together.  Of course it was meant to be worn with the X in the back, but I liked my wife to wear the X was in the front, that way she showed a lot of cleavage.  I also liked her to go braless and let her 34C's (at that time) do what they wanted. 

I would get a day off once in a while during the week.  We thought there wouldn't be anyone playing miniature golf in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week…anyway, that is what I told my wife, while actually hoping that there would be plenty of people to see her in her sexy top.

We played a round while no one was there except for the old man who sat in the ticket booth.  Right before the end of the first round a teenage boy showed up and he chatted with the old man.  I thought my wife would get nervous as we got closer to them and she would tug her shirt up to minimize how much of her **** she was showing, but she didn't.  It made me horny watching her bend over in that top because of how much cleavage she showed, and it made me especially horny seeing her show off her cleavage to those two strangers.

In the second round, after I played the first hole with both the old man and the teenage boy watching, I wondered what my wife would do.  She is left handed and the hole was set up so that she faced them as she hit her ball. 

So, my wife calmly strolled up to the hole showing a remarkable amount of cleavage, thrilling me, bends over and places a ball in front of herself…acting as casual as if she were wearing a sweater.  I about came in my pants.  She was showing those two strangers an incredible amount of cleavage…even before she bent over, and then she bent over.  Holy cow!  I was wondering if her **** were going to stay in her top.   After she bent over and straightened back up, her areolas were barely covered.  I hate to admit it, but I was nervous.  I was wondering what those two strangers would do if they were prudes and thought my wife was showing too much ***.  Thanks goodness for all of us, they apparently liked the show as much as I did. 

So my wife got into the putting stance, squeezing her beautiful braless **** together with her arms, her t-shirt gaping in the middle so that it showed naked skin below the bottom of her breasts.  What an incredible sight.  She took her time lining up the hole before putting, giving us a nice long look at her incredible exhibition.  After she putted once, the old man asked if he could show us how to improve our putts.  We agreed.  

After the free lesson and after I tried what he had demonstrated, my wife gave it a shot.  She still hadn't pulled her top up which meant she was showing us a whole lot of ***.  As she bent over to place her ball, her **** slipped out of her shirt all the way to the middle of her nipples…the whole time facing the three of us guys and acting perfectly normal about it.  She took her good old time, lining up the ball before she putted, took a couple of practice swings, acting perfectly normal about showing us half of her beautiful nipples while she did.  She acted like she was concentrating on her putting, but, I swear she also wanted to give the three of us a thrill.  She putted, then she continued to stand there with her nipples exposed to us while she watched where her ball went.  I wondered if I would need a putter on the next hole or if I could simply use my woody…okay, that's an exaggeration, but you get the idea.  To this day, I can't remember how good her putt was on that hole, but for sure, her flaunting of her **** was an ace.  

----  I wasn't comfortable taking any pictures of her while she was showing her **** to those two guys, but I did take some a little later of her showing off her **** while there were other players in the background.  She doesn't allow her picture on the web; however, this humble drawing

shows how she looked while she was standing there putting and letting those two guys look.  

I wondered if those guys were going to say anything about my wife letting them see her ****; they didn't, but they were smiling ear to ear.  They followed us for a couple of more holes, but by then my wife had pulled her top up enough to where she was only showing her cleavage, so they wondered off.  After that my wife had a hard time keeping her **** in her top.  I could see the old man and the teenager looking our way from the other side of the course, and I knew they knew my wife was showing off her ****.  It was very nice that my wife ignored their looking, even if they were by then too far away to get a good look.

As we got close to the end of the round and close to the guys again, I could tell by my wife's smile that she knew they had enjoyed her showing off her **** to them.  The two guys encouraged us to play some more.  When we said we had to leave, they cheerfully told us to come back any time, they would be happy to show us more, no doubt hoping actually that my wife would show them more of her ****. 

Not only did I love my wife showing off her ****, I loved how nonchalant she was while doing it. 

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Incredibly sexy adventure! Thanks for sharing and the drawing to give us an idea of how hot she was!!

Good story. Maybe when she truly enjoys public exposure she will permit her photos to be shown.

A sheer top and a mini skirt while playing pool; now that must have been some very, very fun pool. Tell me she was wearing it in public.

nice story. tell her you can crop her face off the picture before you post it. would love to see that top....

Thank you for a marvelous tale, Mr Wodd. Such originality in the plan, such daring in its execution.<br />
<br />
I especially appreciate the drawing. It explains quite well what she was wearing. I also greatly appreciate your respect for her privacy. Most people thing "a flasher's privacy" is an oxymoron, but that's because they don't understand flashing. We flash for the reaction, for the thrill of the dare, not for what it looks like. If I could choose a picture to see from that day, it would be of the reactions of the men who were looking. <br />
<br />
Thank you.

Unfortunately when she says no to the web, she is including email too. I haven't given up trying to convince her. Every time we go someplace on the interstate, she lets all of the truckers we pass have a good look at her exposed **** (and they are now 40ddd) and she knows some of them have taken cell phone pictures, so she knows that her picture may show up some day. Still, her answer continues to be no. Maybe some day. I'm glad you enjoyed the story; I've had a life full of those type experiences. I'll keep trying to knock out more as I find the time.

that is a great story! too bad she won't let you show her pics! email them to me if you would... They won't go any further. Bill in Va.