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Weather's warm enough now that i can drive with the car windows open. yesterday I was wearing a new silk scarf, about 4ft long and narrow and really really thin so it floats around even when you're walking across the room. it was only a little breezy, but i still had to pay attention when i wore the scarf outside just draped around the back of my neck. then when i got in the car, i tied it in a simple knot around my neck, and left one end longer than the other and opened all the car windows.

at first it didn't move much. then I brushed it over my arm near the window, and it got sucked right out. suddenly i could feel it pulling at my neck, hard, and whipping back over the roof of the car. it's really thin though so i didn't want it to get damaged. i let it blow for a while, then pulled the long end back in. i figured out how to get the short end to blow out the window, and it was whipping and flapping around, snapping in the wind from the car. it was pulling hard, and even with a knot, i had to be careful that it didn't get pulled off. still, sometimes the wash of air would suck the long end out the window too, and it felt so good having the whole thing pulling and flapping.

i pulled it back in several times, and let it billow against my arm for a while, drifting around the steering wheel before a stray gust would catch it and whip it back out the window. i really liked having the wind pulling on it so hard.

i have gone on a walk with this new scarf, on a windy day, too. i went somewhere quiet and open and pulled one end longer again, and let the wind ****** at it. i could feel the tugging along the long side, when the wind woud twist and pull at it, blowing it around in front of me and sometimes up into my face. i let it stay there for a while until the wind whipped it free again, and flapped the collar of my jacket against my cheeks. i didn't quite have the nerve to let it blow off though because that was a really windy day, and this scarf is so light and long that it would have blown up into the clouds. it would have been so beautiful but i really like the scarf!
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Dear Taopuppy ,

I like your story very much . Scarfs , especially silk ones , always seem to excite and fascinate with their feel , and the sound they make fluttering or flapping in the breeze . Be careful though , not to wear one that is too long . Did you know Isadora Duncan was killed by her scarf ? She was riding in an open car , and her long scarf became entangled in the rear wheel of the car , killing her . Just a bit of trivia for you to ponder . Thank you for the great story . I look forward to your next story with great anticipation . Take care and be safe .

Yes, I knew that story about Isadora! Cars have different wheels these days though, wihtout spokes. I'd love to have a scarf that long but something long enough to reach the wheels of the car as well as still being tied around my neck would probably also make it impossible to drive.

I have never ever been in any kind of windy situation which was even the smallest bit unsafe. i'd love to be in a wind that strong, but it never happens. i would really like a chance to be unsafe for once! just to have the option would be nice!

Dear Taopuppy ,

I feel so sad for you , never being able to experience really strong winds . Doesn't it ever get windy over in the UK? I saw a video from Canary Wharf called , "Windy Wharf " , and the people there were having a difficult time even standing up . Sometime , if you like ,I would be happy to relate to you just what it is like to be on a busy street , and feel the wind begin to blow you away ,despite your best efforts to hold your ground . I have many stories from the great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 , if you would like to hear those ? Anytime you wish to talk , please let me know . Till then , please take care and be safe , and keep an eye out for windy weather !

well for one thing i'm not in the UK! but yes, I know exactly the video you mean on Youtube, and i've been to where it was filmed, but sadly not when it was that windy of course. and you know I would always love to hear more of your stories, including the ones from Galveston 1900. I love all of it!

where I live, it isn't ever very windy and I don't get to travel at all anymore. I guess this is why I like this group and this site so much, because I can't get to experience things directly.

Dear Taopuppy ,

I was wrong saying you lived in the UK . My apologies for that one . Obviously ,I had you confused with another of friends . Please forgive my absentmindedness . I use to have more stories myself , when I worked in windy downtown Boston . Since I have retired , I rarely , if ever , have occassion to go into the city .

The Galveston story was my first, and the entire story is copyrighted . I am trying to get my publisher to allow me to use segments of it to post here . He seems to be very reluctant ,at the moment , but I hope to persued him soon , to allow me to . I have several accounts of the great blizzard in NYC in 1888 , as well .
I would be most happy to share any experience or story that I have , if you are interested ? Are you interested in weather extremes themselves , or do you prefer first person experiences ?
Weather has fascinated me for years ,and I have accummulated considerable information on many of the major storms .

I am sorry you do not get to experience the winds like we have here . But your stories are every bit as interesting and enjoyable to read as anything I ever wrote . I hope you will continue to share them with us . Thank you !

Well , please take care now , have a grand day , and I will try to get another story up soon for you . Till then , take care and be safe .

your fellow wind enthusiast ,

gwtw ( Kats ) that
is for Katherine S.

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I can imagine how beautiful that scarf looked like when it blew around wildly like that! Such light and long scarves especially can get blown up into the clouds even easier that hats with large brims. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us, I'm excited to hear more about your windy experiences.