Ooh Its Snow Time

I am just allergic to heat and summer time just kills me. Wish that it would have been cool all the year around. Had been to Shimla when I was a kid with parents but don`t remember any of the scenes as was too young. Have seen snowfalls in cinema and pictures and always fantasised about being on a holiday with my better half on a snowy place.
abyworld abyworld
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

Having lived in the Sonora desert for 42 years and living in the 115 degree heat in mid summer I do not miss it at all. But snow. Nice to look at and that's about it. It's coming up calving season now and it's tough to be out a 3 in the morning in the wind and snow to check for calves. I still do it but I have to hire help now as it's just a bit to tough for me any more. But this is my last year , after this season and sale, I am finding me a good rocking chair and a good book and some good whiskey and watch the sun come up and go down. I will be off to China in the spring, for my first vacation in 15 years. Then New Zealand and Alaska returning late sept or early October. How ever the Spirit moves me.