Here Comes The Cold !

...home.. fire and hot tea, the winter came late this year. Last year I hated the winter because it snowed 2 meters of snow and I was stuck.

Anyway I really enjoy something about the winter. I enjoy how it makes you feel comfortable at home, how a hot cup of tea makes me feel happy, how a double pair of socks makes your day positive and how it feels good to get the bad at night. I also enjoy how music sounds different during free time in the winter., here a list of things I like to do during the winter:

1. Play the blues, actually if it snows or if it rains blues is much warm and smooth.

2. Cooking things on the fireplace, like meat, potatoes, and everything accompanied by a good glass of red wine.

3. Watching a movie.

4. Going in a place with some friend just to feel warm.

5. Hot chocolate.
CrookedMat CrookedMat
26-30, M
Dec 3, 2012