I Heard She Was Easy, She Showed Me How Easy

Friday night my buddy Andy and I were trying out a new tavern in a nearby town. It was early 70s when everything was more laidback than today. People were open about drinking, smoking pot and having sex. We had heard about a new bar on a side street that drew a crowd of like minded people. Our beers were delivered to us with people standing 2 and 3 deep at the bar. I chatted with a few guys that worked with me, that had been here before as they lived in that town. Andy took his beer and wandered away to check out the place knowing that I wasn't going anywhere without him as we had ridden in his car. Andy also knew that we would leave together because when we went sniffing for ***** if we met some willing chick we made a date for later and took care of each other that night. This meaning that we are bisexual and would suck each other off after a night out. Andy came back about 20 minutes later to tell me what he had seen and found while wandering around the place. We moved off to talk and he asked if I remembered a guy that we had gone to school with? He then told me that this guy's sister was in the back room where they had a pool table, foosball table and other games. Andy took me back to meet her as we had all gone to school together, although she was 3 years older than us. She was sitting between two guys, one of whom had his hand on her leg, when I approached her and asked if she remembered me. She did, we talked a bit, I bought her a drink and she gave me her phone number. I said, " Won't your husband be pissed that you gave me your number?" as I nodded toward the guy who's hand had been on her leg. "He's not my husband." she replied. Soon after, this woman, Belle, left with the two guys that she had been sitting with. As she walked past me she stopped to tell me to be sure to call her as we had some catching up to do. After she was gone one of the guys that I worked with asked how I knew her. His nickname was "Tink", but I don't know how he got it. I told him that I went to school with her brother Dave, their sister Barb and her. Tink then told me that she was divorced, very easy, went out with lots of different guys.....often and was known to be a sure piece of ***. I told him she sounded like the perfect woman to take home to introduce to MOM. We left later to check out another bar. The next week I kept thinking about that phone number and the hot woman who had given it to me. Belle was 5'6", about 110#s, had little ******* that I love, and her dark black hair hung straight to her ***. I called her one evening after work to ask her out, she said yes and a Friday night date was arranged. That Friday we went out to dinner, then to a movie, drinks back at that tavern where I met her and then back to her appartment where she taught me about young men and divorcees. In the morning after more great sex I was smitten. I made another date and we soon became an "item". Guys at work warned me about her loose ways, and her reputation as an easy piece of ***. I paid no mind to them as Belle and I had already had many discussions about her hungry ****! She told me that she had left her husband because he only wanted to **** about once every week or two, and that once a day was enough even then. Belle was very upfront about her need for ****, variation, amount of sex and her uncontrollable urge to sample many different ***** as much as possible. We dated, moved in together, married and spent 30 years as husband and wife. I watched her **** many, many different men over the years. Belle was an absolute **** when *******, doing most anything that any man wanted. We eventually drifted apart and divorced, but we continued to **** each other for 3 years until she moved to a larger city with more variation.
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My wife had the reputation for being a **** and it turns me on knowing she has ****** so many other men

I would have got with her too! Don't blame you one bit!

Great story, thank you for sharing!!!! :)

Why do men keep referring to a woman whose natural need is to sample a diversity of ***** and expertiment with various ways to be ****** as a «****»? She's a normal female in her own way, that's all.