Rita's Sissy Maid

My sissy name is Deirdre,

I give you a brief insight into my crossdressing.
About 3 years ago I moved int a house sharing with 4 other 2 girls and 2 guys but after about 2 months the guys left and in turn 2 girls moved in, all was going well until one weekend all of them went home for the weekend and it happened that I was working so I stayed. Usually I went home for the weekend and met my girlfriend or if I stayed she would come visit me, but this weekend she was also working, so I was in the house on my own.

To cut a long story short it was the first time I noticed all the girls clothes lying around the place, it brought me back to my boyhood and the summers at my aunts house and seeing her silky and lace knickers and sheer nylons, as I did back then I got such a strong urge to take off my clothers and try on the silky panties.
I will never forget that night I wore Ritas silk knickers, sheer nylons and short tiered floral RaRa skirt , Orla's Bra, chiffon top with lace trim, kneck scarf and perfume, Margrets (almost) Knee high stilletoe black boots and Emma's Grey trench coat, Emma also had a brunnette party wig so I tried this on.
I stood in front of the mirror, and I have to say I was more than impressed, My legs wer almost hairless anyway so, ritas nylons looked really good. I decided to do a little make up. I actually got so turned on by the whole exoerience I lost all logical reason and went for walk out around the estate.

Resulting that on my return I climaxed severaly times I just felt so good.
As time went on I began to find more and more excuses to get some time alone in the house and avoid going home at the weekends.

All was going so well i was having such a good time with their clothes until one friday evening I decided I need to make sure I has a total weekend wearing girls clothes and couldnt wear my own (male) clothes even if I wanted to? Yea mad you or even stupid you might think but at the time I wanted the ultimate thrill right to sunday night/monday morning.

So I though of my plan Rita always left her hand bag on a chair in the kitchen so just befor she left I took my car keys and removed the key of my room, took off my clothes threw them into my room locked the door put the key of my room in her handbag, then ran to the bathroom and had a shower (using their shampoo and showe gel) while waiting for the front door to slam shut. As I dried off I heard the door shut so I ran to Emma's room to look out and there I sa Rita a walk towards her car, with her handbag! I watch in excitment as I watched her drive off with the key. Well wheather I liked it or not I was going to be a girl for this weekend.
I was sort of a little shocked at first at what I did and sort of regreted it but then while in Emmas room I glanced to her dressing and saw a pair of her tanned nylons lying on the table, at that moment I completely forgot about regrets and immediatly got a pair of her silky panties and matching bra and went into each of their roms aquiring a (just above the knee) pencil skirt floral blouse 4 inch stilettoe shoes, kneck scarf perfume and matching jacket for the skirt, luckily all the girls were around a 10 -12 and I wasnt as you could say a well built masculine guy. I have soft skin and it doesnt take much to bring out some feminine features. I went down stairs to grab a bite to eat and as I did the front door opened, I was dunbfounded I had no place to hide so I dashed into orlas room and hid in her wardrobe, I listened and to my horror I heard three voices the girls were back, with all my excitement I for got that they had told me they were having a study group all this weekend, the four of them were nurses and they had a load of their friend invited over also. I didnt hear rita's voice so I decide while the girls were in the sitting room I would hide in Ritas room.

There I sat thinking a pondering as I looked at myself in the morror, but things got worse I saw Rita's car pull up outside and she got out but she left her handbag in the passengers seat. How was I going to get my key!!??

I heard Margaret and Emma come up the stairs an into their rooms and then as I feared I heard Rita come up the stairs, I hid behind her wardrobe, soon after she entering the room I felt so powerless, also what ever about wearing the girls clothes was bad enough but I felt so bad invading her privacy this was a step too far. She soon left and headed down stairs. The girls wre in the sitting room so I decided my only hope was to go out the back and hide down the garden until I figured out what to do, do I braved my way out of the room and headed down the stairs, half way down Rita came out of the sitting room glanced at me and didnt seem to take any notice, the she looked again (actually starred) and said WTF are you doing? She looked again and said by any chance  is that my skirt!? that scarf! is that mine!?? at that Emma and margaret heard the racket and came out of their rooms, Emma ask what was I doing wearing her top and margaret looked and laughed saying OMG you nancy boy, she looked me straight in the eye and asked are those my shoes I nodded she smiled and said, You can wear them today but I need those to go out tonight!
At that the door bell rang, Rita looked up saying nancyboy get that I refused she said get it or give me back my clothes right now.

So I answered the door and there standing before me were a few of the girls friend that I knew very well one was even an ex of mine, they starred for a whlie and one by one laughed. As the evening went one they made me confess to what i as doing each weekend I was alone in the house. I had to be truthful even about putting the key in Rita's bag.
Soon after that the girls started to get ready to go out and I actually thought that wasnt so bad. Then Margaret came down stairs with her red tartan mini skirt bearly blcck suspenders, suspender belt, matching bra, polo jumper and Emma's blonde wig, looked at me and said can I have my shoes back and to please put on these, I gingerly agreed then all the girls returned to the sitting room and I got up to leave to get dressed, when Rita said wher do you think you are going. They made me dress in front of them.

I was still a virgin for good reason as my penis is 2 1/2 - 3 inches as I lowerd Emma's silky panties that I was wearing the girls laughed histerically.
As I put on the bra, nylon stoctings, suspenders belt  and boots the girls said before I put on the panties they had to take some photos, they then let me put on the panties and tartan skirt. The girls were drinking a few bottles in the house so were getting a bit tipsy and brave asking did I **********. After some time I admitted I did, they said is it true a guys enotin change after climax, to which I replied yes, they asked mewhat way mine change. I told them the thruth , I felt embarrassed, ashamed, stupid etc, Margaret then smiled and said my god you poor thing.

I also started drinking with them and after some time their taxi pluued up outside, margaret and rita's grabbed be as did thhe the rst saying I had to go a night on the town with them, I refused they just said they would have to show my friend the picture of my little girly 2 1/2 inch weaner.

I walked to the taxi and the girls sat at either side of me.

As we approached town Margaret slipped her hand up under my skirt and inside my panties and started giving me a hand job, within no time I climaxed  during which time she directed it over the barely black nylon I was wearing, she then said are you embarresed enough now do you feel really stupid, well the night has just begun. I almost ied with embarrasment but thank go I was fairly passable all night.

Ever since I have been a sort of sissy maid to the girls, and not with my girlfriend anymore.
I have to admit I am rally getting used to being an almost full time girl.

Funsizetoy Funsizetoy
Jul 19, 2010