I Love Women..

..and love their clothes - especially pretty or smart clothes. I love to see women in skirt suits, with silky panyhose/stockings and heels, white blouses which you can see their underwear through - I also love to dress like this. I also love pretty dresses and just about everything feminine...


I have dressed since I was little and can't resist the touch, feel and smell of womens clothes and women :)

SusanMarina SusanMarina
3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I have thought for some time that CD's are amongst THE most heterosexual of ALL males. We not only love respect and admire Women..we also want to copy them in some or many ways and become more like them. I dress not only for the sheer thrill of it but to also to become as much as I can a Female and "feel" all that comes along with that. My mindset changes along with my attitude and of course behavior and in a very true sense it releases my inner Female for a brief period of time. It really is indescribable! The world of "femininity" is very very different then that of the male and if more males where allowed to experience it...I believe we would have a far less dangerous world.

i really really love women. i also really really love their clothes to everything about them. femininity is so addictive.

Yes - what a wonderful world it is when we can see, feel and smell the loveliness that is the world of the feminine!