The Girlfriends Clothes Ripping Session :)

Ok so me & my girlfriend (we recently got back together after she had to move away) were sitting having a quiet evening chilling when we started chatting about various things when we got talking about fetishs, we tended to speak about that a lot tbh.

Now she enjoyed getting Muddy in her clothes & Wet in her clothes regularly and also getting messy (WAM) in her clothes occasionally, when she said she always wanted to try Clothes Ripping (as in completely destroying/tearing her clothes to shreds).

She was wearing Blue Jeans, Navy Blue Long Sleeve Silk Shirt & white socks,  so i said 'sure, let's do it'. So we went to get some scissors to help with the tearing of her clothes before she sat on the sofa to begin.

She started with placing the scissors on the cufflinks of her Silk shirt ripping them slightly before slowly, deliberately ripping the right sleeve of her shirt with a smile, then she placed the scissors on the bottom of her Jeans cutting them slightly before slowly ripping/tearing them on her Left leg, she was enjoying this destruction of her clothes.

Then she started ripping/tearing the other sleeve of her shirt slowly before proceeding to do the same to her jeans on the other leg. Then she started ripping/tearing any part of her clothes that remained slowly & deliberately before about £700 worth of clothes were totally ripped/torn to shreds & all destroyed within about 10 mins, with a smile she said, 'always wanted to rip my clothes to shreds just the once'.

She enjoyed what she had done to her clothes, though she said she will only do it once in a while because she couldn't really afford to do it too often.

So we've just stuck to getting muddy & wet fully clothed & occasionally messy fully clothed.



millsio millsio
31-35, M
Jan 20, 2012