The Best Christmas Ever

it started as a typical Christmas day open presents, watch a few Christmas movies. then a few hours later my parents had to go to work so they left me with my bff. we played a few games, gave each other wedgies (the wedgies part is a diff. story diff. group),then started dancin' we did some random moves, and the last dance we did was the tango randomly. once we were done we paused at the last move and we kissed till my parents got home. so after that we started dating but we still do all of the stuff we always did but with a little kissing after words and the wedgies are more painful because the more painful we get the more we love each other (still a diff. story diff. group).by the way my name is Quinn her name is Selena (not Gomez) and  we are 18
asxdefter10 asxdefter10
22-25, F
Nov 10, 2012