My Grandfather's Secretary

As a teenager I went on a business trip with my grandparents. They were at a hotel for a company convention. I pretty much had the run of the hotel. My grandfather had a very hot secretary who was a total milf. She was blonde, great legs and very kind. She always wore nylons, heels, and skirts or dresses. My grandfather had her hang out with me and she was a lot of fun to hang out with. She was in her forties and I was seventeen. When I arrived at the meeting room, I was in for a treat. She was seated at a table wearing a tan slit skirt, suntan hose, white open toe mule sandles and a white long sleeved silk blouse with the sleeves rolled up. She was applying her lipstick and had her left leg crossed with her shoe dangling from her foot. I startled her when I said hello and she dropped her shoe from her foot hitting the floor with a thud. She got and gave me a hug. She looked very hot with her glasses on and she extended her hand to wich I kissed it noticing her red nail polish and her red polished toes on her shoeless left foot. Her blonde hair was up in a bun and she kinda looked like a teacher. She picked up her purse and put it over her shoulder. She asked me if I was ready to go to which I replied yes. She bent down to get her shoe which had fallen under the table. She asked me if I could retrieve her shoe for her of which I did. I haded her shoe to her and she leaned on me cocking her leg up to put on her shoe. We walked out of the meeting room and out into the lobby. We held hands and walked out to the street and down to a local park. We made small talk along the way and I could here her feet slapping around in her heels as they clicked and clacked on the concrete. Her perfume was very intoxicating and we enjoyed each other's company. We stopped and sat on a park bench. She took her hair down and teased her hair. She checked her make up and then crossed her right leg over the left. She told me her feet were hurting from being in the heels. She dangled her right shoe from her foot. I told she looked very beautiful and she smiled and thanked me for the kind words. I removed her right shoe from her foot and massaged and rubbed it. Her silky feet and legs in the pantyhose was very soft and sexy. She smiled and purred in delight. She unbuttoned a few buttons on her bluse. I placed her shoe back on her foot and we got up from the park bench. She grabbed me by my shirt and kissed me. We kissed for a few minutes and then went back to her room at the hotel. Once in her room she led me over to the bed and we sat down. She leaned back on the bed and we kissed and then she kicked off her shoes. I rubbed her feet and legs then she took off her blouse and then the skirt and finally her hose. We made love and it was awesome. I guess you could say I was taking care of business.
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Awesome story!

Any other stories of hosed women driving?