The Start Of My Fetish

My fetish began when I was pretty young with a neighborhood mom named Norma. She was playing cards with my mom and a few other neighborhood moms. I noticed that the nylons she was wearing had reinforced heels and toes in them. I casually walked by and hid directly behind her. Nobody realized that I was hidden behind her.

As I hid, I gazed at her nylon covered heels as she had her feet crossed and tucked under her chair. There was a tiny wrinkle in the reinforced heel. I reached under her chair and rubbed the wrinkle between my fingers. After fifteen minutes of doing this, I got up and walked away, fully aroused.

About a week later, Norma called to ask if I could bring over a serving dish she had left at our house. I found it and walked it over to her house. When Norma answered the door, she was wearing a white blouse and a dark blue skirt. Covering her legs were tan colored nylons. She saw that I had checked her out but just smiled as I handed her the dish.

Norma asked if I could help her with some chores on Saturday. She said she was having some rooms painted and that she needed help moving some furniture. I told her I would be over around 10am.

On Saturday, I walked over to Norma's house & rang the bell. To my amazement, Norma was wearing a dress with dark brown nylons on. I expected a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt. Almost immediately I felt the sexual urge begin to build in my loins.

We walked down the hallway to her home office room. Although we tried to lift some of the furniture, it was just a little too heavy. Norma said she had some empty boxes downstairs so I walked downstairs to retrieve them. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw a laundry basket with a pair of her nylons right on top. I quickly grabbed them and put them in my pocket. I grabbed the boxes & walked back upstairs to the office.

When I set the boxes down, Norma looked at my pants. It was quite obvious that I had something in it. When Norma asked what was in my pocket, I said some kleenix. The she said show them to me. I was busted!

I said it really isn't kleenix, its a pair of your nylons that I saw in the laundry basket downstairs. I took them out of my pocket & handed them to her. Norma asked why I had taken them. I looked down at the floor and told her I didn't know why. I just wanted them.

She asked what i was going to do with them? Wear them? I said no. They would never look as good on me as they did on her. I was pretty scared & she knew it.

Norma said she won't tell my mom about it. It would be our little secret. After moving everything Norma needed to be moved, Norma asked me to stay for another minute as she got me a can of soda. We sat in the kitchen together. Norma said she wanted to discuss our little secret. She asked if I liked the nylons she was wearing. I looked down at her legs and smiled. I was embarrassed to tell her how I really felt. I had a huge erection.  I told her that her nylons made her legs and her feet look really pretty.

She smiled and asked if I wanted to touch them. I looked her in the eyes and nodded yes. Norma said then go ahead and touch them. She uncrossed her legs and rested both feet on the floor. I placed my hand on her knee and gently slid my fingers up and down as I looked at her leg.

After a couple of minutes, I asked if I could do the same thing to her foot. Norma laughed & said of course. I got on the floor and held one of her feet in my left hand & rubbed all around it with my right. I was as hard as iron as I gently slid my hand across her foot and ankle.

I reached to my erection & rearranged it to the upright position. Norma asked "what were you just touching? Did I make your little thing hard? Let me see it. It's ok. I won't tell anybody. It will be another one of our little secrets."

I said "are you sure this is ok? I don't think I should do that but I really want to show it to you." Norma smiled as I stood in front of her.

"It's ok. I'll help you make it feel even better." she said

I smiled and slowly unbuckled my pants. I unbutoned the front and lowered my zipper. Norma reached over and lightly patted the ***** that hid beneath my underwear. "Let me see him"

I slid off my pants and underwear and bared my naked erection for her to see. A smile crossed her face as she gazed at my manhood as it pulsed in front of her. She crossed her legs and said "Ok. lets go in the living room. take the rest of your clothes off." I obeyed.

Norma told me to sit on the couch. She sat away from me but placed both of her feet on my lap. "I want you to lay on top of me."

I immediately climbed on top of her. My **** was on her calves. "No, scoot higher." she said. I slowly glided my erection over her knees and rested it on her thighs. Norma reached down and lightly grasped my erection and rubbed it across her nylon covered thighs.

I gasped and thrust until I came for the very first time in her hands.


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OMG graet stories.Loved my mothers,aunts and neighbors nylons and heels.Now I wear them myself

I had an experience that was very similar with my Aunt Judy when I was young. She pretty much was the start of my obsession with women in nylons. When I was very young, she was at our house and was wearing a skirt with tan nylons. I was probably 5 or 6 years old when this happened. I snuck up on her as she was sitting down and started tickling her toes. She wasn't ticklesh. She did ask me to rub her feet so I started doing that. After doing that for a few minutes, I found myself getting aroused. Aunt Judy noticed that I was holding myself with one hand and rubbing her nylon covered foot with the other and said "OK, thats enough now". I had to stop and at that age I had no idea how to satisfy myself so I suffered through it.Fast forward probably 8 years or so. My parents were going out with Aunt Judy and she asked if I would come over and watch her new puppy while they went out. I agreed to come over. When we got there, I was totally stunned with what Aunt Judy was wearing. She had on a red dress and the nylons she had on had reinforced heels and toes in them. As soon as I saw that, I could feel my sexual urges begin to ignite.Everyone sat down in the living room and had a drink as I played with the stupid dog and secretly stared at her gorgeous legs. Her unpainted toes hidden beneath her nylons looked incredible.After probably 30 minutes of watching her, I had to reposition my erection. As I was doing that Judy, saw me and just smiled at me. Hopefully she didn't pick up on what was happening to me.After a few minutes, they decided to all leave. Aunt Judy asked "Are you sure you don't mind watching the dog? We shouldn't be too late" I replied that it was no problem and they all got up and left. The second they were gone, I grabbed some doggie treats and put the dog down stairs as I needed some serious alone time. After locking up the dog, I walked to Aunt Judy's bedroom and took off all of my clothes. I opened every drawer to her dresser until I found what I was looking for in the top right hand drawer - her nylons!I grabbed every nylon stocking from her drawer and laid on her bed. I began examining every nylon. There were black pairs, white pairs and several brown pairs. Most had reinforced toes in them but quite a few had reinforced heels and toes. I draped her nylons across myself from the base of my erection to my neck. Then I took one of her reinforced heel and toe nylons and began inserting myself into it.Each time I grabbed a short length of her hosiery and pulled it on like a condom, a shiver of ecstacy ran through me. Slowly I slid more and more of her nylon on until her reinforced toe was pressed against it's purple head. I closed my eyes and dreamed of Aunt Judy as I slowly began to **********. I pictured her nylon covered toes as I slid her nylon up and down. Suddenly I heard the door open and Aunt Judy's voice "Jon, I forgot my purse". I was terrified as I heard her walk towards her room. I jumped off her bed and hid under it. When she walked into her bedroom, she stopped and stood there for what seemed like an eternity."Are you naked under my bed? Your clothes are on the floor over there. Are you doing something with my nylons? there are several pairs on the floor too." Then she knelt down and peered under the bed. I was a dead man. "Come out from under there"When I got out from under her bed, she asked "Are you getting yourself off with my nylons? Do you like how I look in these nylons? Is that it? I saw you looking at my feet in them today. Does looking at me in nylons get you excited?"I said "Yes, I'm sorry. Don't tell my parents what I was doing please or they will kill me."Aunt Judy started to laugh and said "How do I know you won't start doing it again the second I leave? No, I think you should finish what you were doing right now while I'm standing here.""You want to watch me?" I askedJudy smiled and said "Yes. Right now. You get excited looking at my feet in these nylons so go ahead and look at them all you want." She sat on the edge of the bed and removed her shoes. "Now hurry before your mom & dad come in"I sat on the floor as Judy watched me begin to fondle myself. Up and down I stroled myself as I gazed at her. After about 30 seconds Judy said "You are really good at that. Your thing is really hard. You like looking at me while you do that? Would you like to touch me too? Do you want to touch my nylons while you are touching yourself? You like it so much, grab my foot!"I grabbed her foot and held it next to my face as I throttled myself. When the time was near, I said "Here it comes! I am going to come!"Judy said "Show me it! I want to see you come!" I arched my back and held her leg tightly against my erection as I spurt against her leg. She tried to pull away but I could let go until i was finished ***********. When I was finally done, Judy smiled and said "Look at the mess you made! You just came on my nylons! Now I have to change." She then took off the pair I had soiled and handed them to me. "You can keep these." I watched her put a new pair on. Right before she left she said "Now this is our little secret. Right?"I nodded my head and she turned and left.

I had many follow up sessions with Norma when I was young. A few weeks later she called and asked if I could stop over. She wanted to talk about what happened the last time I was there. I walked over and rang the bell. Norma answered the door wearing another dress with brown nylons. She smiled as I walked in. She glanced down and saw how excited I was already. She said I want to talk about what happened last time. You and I did something that you can't tell anyone about. I told her that there was no way I was going to ever do that because I didn't want that to be the only time that it happened.<br />
<br />
Norma smiled and said. I won't be. Do you like what I have on?<br />
<br />
I grinned and told her that she looked incredible. I asked if I could take off my clothes. She said of course you can.<br />
<br />
We walked into her bedroom and asked me to help her with her clothes. She turned around and I started to unzip her dress. After I lowered her zipper, I grabbed it and slowly lifted it over her head. As I started to press myself against her she told me that we were not going all the way but that she was certain to bring me as much pleasure as before. She said that she really enjoyed the affect she had on me and as long as we kept it quiet, we would have a great time enjoying each other's bodies.<br />
<br />
She said go lay on the bed. I was so excited! She removed her shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. You like these nylons? She asked.<br />
<br />
I looked down at her feet. They were surrounded by reinforced heel and toe nylons. I laid on my side and ground myself into her back. I'll take that as a yes she said. She stood up and removed her slip. The nylons she wore were gartered nylons! She climbed on the bed and told me that she wanted to feel it against the skin of her thighs as I kissed her feet. She laid on her belly as I climbed on top of her. She grasped it and fit it under her gartered nylon. She was so warm! <br />
<br />
I laid down as her nylon held my position and began to kiss and lick the back of her nylon covered legs. She said its ok if it happens. I want to feel you do it against my skin. I tried to thrust it back and forth but I kept coming out of her nylon. After the fourth time, she said turn over and slide it between her thighs. T started near her knees but with every thrust, I moved a little higher. Norma was working her hands on herself as I rubbed it on her nylons. Its going to happen pretty soon I warned. She said do it! I want you to do it! With that I couldn't stop any longer. <br />
<br />
Whoosh! As I erupted, I thrust myself further up her legs and the fluids of my young body sprayed across her thighs. <br />
<br />
When I was finished Norma asked if I thought I could do it again in a couple of minutes. I said I think so. She said she would help. <br />
<br />
She told me to lie on my back. She placed her nylon covered foot onto my manhood and began to slide it up and down. Within a few minutes, I was as hard as a rock again. As her foot worked its wonders on me, she let her hands do wonders on herself. This time she gasped and came before I did. She told me to hold her feet around it. I did and she continued coaxing it from me until I shot my goo over her legs. <br />
<br />
Another installment in a few days

What a neat story. Most boys would have liked to have known someone such as Norma. Bet you had fun with her. Were there any follow up sessions or was that it?