I Got Into This By Accident, But I Now Love Mud!

My boyfriend had taken me away for a couple of nights to celebrate my birthday. It was January so pretty cold and wet. We decided to go for a walk from our country hotel to find a nice pub for lunch. I was wearing a black duffel type coat, dark grey skinny jeans, a new pair of black ballet pumps, and as it was cold a pair of black socks. We walked up the road, and although it had rained hard over night it was sunny and pleasant, if cold. We decided to turn left off the road onto a public footpath. We walked for a long time, enjoying the countryside, but after a while realised we might be a bit lost! I spotted what looked like a pub in the distance, across a field. As we were desperate for some lunch, we started to cut across the field. It was bare and ploughed but firm underfoot, so we made easy progress. But suddenly, my left foot disappeared up to my calf on a soft area! In my shock I tried to stabilize myself with my right foot and this too disappeared into the mud under the weight! So there I am, stood in about a foot of sticky mud, with my boyfriend literally crying with laughter! I was laughing too as there didn't seem much point getting upset or angry. I took a step with my left foot to try and get out, but the mud just got deeper as I walked through it. My shoes were completely caked, as were the exposed parts of my socks, and my jeans were muddy and soaked to just above the knee. Then it got really deep, and I was quite worried about getting stuck. At this point, I kind of tripped and stumbled forwards into the sludge, landing on my hands and knees. My feet also felt cold and it was then that I realised my pumps had stayed behind in the deepest mud! My boyfriend told me this when he noticed the bright pink heels and toes of my socks as I knelt in the mud. So now, I'm muddy up to the waist, with my nice winter coat suffering a fair covering, and I have just socks on my feet! I thought the best thing would be to try and find my shoes so I squelched back to where I thought I'd lost them and put my muddy socked feet into the holes in the mud to have a feel around. No joy at all. I was cold by this point so decided to continue across the field to the pub and see if they would let me get cleaned up. My boyfriend walked around the perimeter of the field. I hit loads of deep muddy patches on the way, but was past caring as I was literally covered in it! This is when I started to enjoy it to be honest. It felt liberating to have got so comprehensively filthy in nice clothes, I was just a bit gutted about losing my new pumps. The pub landlady was very helpful and lent us a hose which my boyfriend used to jet the worst of the mud off me. She then gave us a hot lunch and drove us back to our hotel. She had a pick up truck which I sat in the back of due to my state! But I couldn't have walked all that way in my socks. So that was the start, but I've been in mud lots more times since, in a variety of outfits, but I particularly enjoy the sensation of squelching in cool mud in my socks. I've even found that if you keep to darker socks, pumps and jeans they wash OK! Everything I wore on that fateful walk is useable again.
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3 Responses Sep 30, 2011

Wow, I love how you've ended up enjoying it! I love the feeling of sinking in mud in my socks too!

Sounds like you had great fun Hun getting nice and filthy :) x

I hated it at first, but then started to love it! I've never looked back!

yay thats great :) i got into it from my bf mud wrestling at a music festival

Yippeee, muddy socks are great!!