Charity Mudbath

As a follow up to my accidental muddy field incident that I ended up enjoying, I thought I'd share this one with you. I work at a health spa, doing mainly beauty treatments on ladies. We have all kinds of services available, including full body mud baths. My boss decided she wanted one of us girls to take a mudbath for charity, to raise money for comic relief. The idea was that clients would pay £5 to cast a vote, and the member of staff with the most nominations would have to get in the mud bath for a couple of hours. I must confess to feeling quite excited at the thought, and secretly hoped it would be me going for a wallow! As there would be photographs taken, and my boss didn't want to portray a sleazy image, the chosen girl would need to be clothed too. On the morning of the event, I was really excited and hoping I'd be picked, and I noticed one of the other girls seemed keen too. She had actually dressed up more than usual and seemed keen to cover herself in mud. I had just worn my uniform (a black fitted tunic with diamante detailing, close fitting black trousers, and some pump type shoes. For some reason, that day I'd put on christmas socks, they were red and white striped with green heels and toes and a picture of a reindeer on the leg! No idea why. The other girl was in a shiny red party top, black skinny jeans and smart high heeled boots, with her jeans tucked in. Anyway, we all got together in the mudbath room for the result. Some of the girls were really worried about being humiliated in the mud, especially as any paying customers had been invited to watch, and about twenty had turned up! Our boss stepped forwards and announced the result. It was me! My heart leaped with excitement as I walked towards the lovely thick mud! I carefully removed my pumps revealing my stripey socks. One of the girls commented on them saying what a shame they were about to get ruined! With that I put one leg over the side of the bath and plunged my foot into the mud. Despite working here, I'd never been in one of these and was surprised by how smooth the processed mud felt. It was about two feet deep as well so my leg went in over the knee. With that I swung the other foot over and into the cool mud. As I stood there, knee deep in mud, feeling it soaking into my socks and trousers, I noticed that the other girl looked really disappointed. Then the photographer asked me to sit in the mud, so I duly obliged, and was soom immersed in it apart from my head. Then I had an idea. I shouted to the crowd that if they donated a bit more I was sure we could get another girl in the mud! My colleague in the boots immediately said she'd get in. Another ten fivers were quickly donated and she walked towards the mud with a sparkle in her eye. She stopped and unzipped and took off her boots. She had black socks on with lime green heels and toes. I remember thinking they were really bright green, but wouldn't be for long. She basically just jumped straight into the ooze. This caused an enormous splash of mud and some of it showered the clean girls, much to their annoyance. The other girl was soon totally covered, just like me, and we layed in the mud smiling for pictures. After an hour or so, we climbed out of the mud and made our way out to the back yard where we were hosed off and then we used the body dryers in the salon, all without removing our clothes. Amazingly, we looked pretty normal, apart from some staining to my socks! I even carried on at work for the rest of the day!
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i love you storys!
But is it possible to post some pictures from you sessions?
Would be soooo nice ;)

Have a nice day!

great story. would love to experience this with the love of my life. it is great to find others who are into this and like to reveal it to others. keep it up

I would have loved to have done that! Well done for making it possible for the other girl to join in, I often think a lot more people that we think are into this! Your socks sounded awesome, by the way!

What a lovely thing to do! Your socks sound really cute too, did you get the mud stains out of them?

No, not really. I still have them though! Yes, it was a lovely thing to do, I still think about it a lot. There is something very exciting about being absolutely covered in mud whilst people watch you. For me, this wouldn't be any fun at all if I wasn't fully clothed!

do you ever wear leggigns when you go in the mud

Yes, I have worn black leggings, with my socks outside them.

Love the desc<x>riptions of your socks Jo, just marvellous, keep it up !!