I Had A Public Experience In The Mud And Love It Now!

I live near a big river that is a large expanse of deep mud when the tide is out. Every year there is a "mud race" there that basically consists of running through the mud and having a lot of fun. Nobody seems to care who wins. I usually watch it, but last year my friend Rachel told me she was going to enter it and would I like to join her! I wasn't sure really, but she persuaded me and I signed up with her. On the Sunday morning of the race I had no idea what to wear so started looking through my wardrobe. I'd been told there'd be sticks and stones in the mud so covered legs, arms and feet were advised. I put on an old pair of tight blue jeans, a black sweatshirt, some black and grey striped socks and wellies. When Rachel came to call for me she was also in blue jeans and a sweatshirt so I felt I'd made the right choice. Instead of wellies she had some trainers on, with black and pink socks. When we got to the river there were lots of people gathered to spectate. I noticed that I was the only participant in wellies though! I soon realised why. When we ran into the mud, I didn't achieve more than ten paces before I was running in my socks! Of course, the wellies had stuck fast in the mud. Initially I found this a horrifying sensation, squelching through calf deep mud in socks only. Then Rachel plunged into a really deep bit on all fours and I noticed that her trainers had gone too. We laughed about our shoeless status, and just continued to squelch along. When we reached the other side we were covered, and I do mean covered. And we stank! But I was loving it by then, feeling really free and liberated to be so filthy! At the end, a man turned a huge hose on us, and jetted the worst of the black gunge off. We both had our photos taken, and then walked home in our socks after failing to find the wellies and trainers. I really enjoyed being watched by so many people during my mud race and I plan to compete again. But I'll probably just start in socks next time! That mud is really sticky!
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1 Response Oct 1, 2011

That sounds a lovely event. I'd love to have a go. I think you're right to forget shoes next time though! Just run in socks.