My Friend And I In Mud Together! Lovely Filthy Socks!

After our lovely wade in the mud in our socks and jeans, my friend and I decided to have a private dip in the mud, in my house, using the paddling pool. I've done this before but my friend hasn't, and she was very excited by it! What she hadn't felt able to do in the mud at the river was get totally covered ie sitting down in it etc. She said that she'd feel safe enough in the privacy of my house to do this. I took ages setting the mud pit up. I placed it next to my back door so we could step out of it straight outside and not get any mud in the house. I got loads and loads of soil from the garden and actually sieved it to get the stones out so the mud would be nice and smooth. When I had added a considerable quantity of water I had the most tempting mud pit ever! It was about a foot deep and beautifully shiny and dark brown. I couldn't wait to play in it! When my friend arrived she was incredibly excited. She had put on the clothes she wanted to wear in the mud already, and hadn't brought any more with her! She was wearing a bright pink hooded sweatshirt, jet black skinny jeans and a cute pair of black ballet pumps, with glittery detailing on the fronts. Like before, she also had socks on, they were really cute Christmas ones this time, black with bright red heels and toes and Santa Claus on the leg. I commented that they were nice cute socks and didn't she want to change them before getting in the mud, but she wanted to keep them on! Then I got dressed and put on a tight black shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. I fancied wearing shoes and socks too and thought it would be fun to dig out a pair of Christmas socks! I found some and put them on. They were black and red striped with snowmen on them! Very stylish! I slipped on a pair of black ballet pumps too. So there we were, ready to go! My friend asked me if she could get into the pit first and, of course, I said yes. She carefully stepped over the side and her feet (she'd kept her shoes on) slowly disappeared into the thick mud. She stood there, almost up to her knees, smiling. She then walked around in the mud and it looked quite difficult! It was really thick and sticky. It made loud squelching noises. At this point, she let out a shriek and told me her shoes had come off her feet. Her cute socks were covered in mud. Like before, she told me it felt lovely to be shoeless in the mud. So, the time had come to go for more coverage and she carefully laid down in the mud. She kind of floated on the surface of the thick mud, and I could even just about make out a filthy Santa on her sock! With that she grabbed two huge handfuls of mud and rubbed them into her front, covering the pink hoodie. Then she rolled over and over in the pool, forcing her body down into the mud. She even "shampooed" her hair with mud, and literally the only part of her not brown was her face! She was having a wonderful time! At this point I could wait no longer and stepped over the side. The cool mud soaked my socks instantly and I felt my shoes stick to the bottom. Off they came straightaway and I was just in my socks. Lovely! My friend than stood up and gave me a big hug! This put mud all over me! She then got more handfuls and rubbed them all over me, she even retrieved my shoes and filled them with mud and told me to put them back on. I did this with a fabulous squelch. With that, we layed down in the mud together and rolled over and over having a bit of a wrestle. She "shampooed" me too, I've never had muddy hair before! I lost my shoes again, and there we layed, side by side, totally covered in mud. I loved doing it with a companion, everything is more fun as a pair! Finally we squelched outside and turned the hose on each other. Even this was fun. All of our clothes washed OK, but our socks and my friends hoodie were a bit stained. We're looking forward to doing this a lot more!
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Sophiechick, I really enjoyed your story. It's detailed imagery made it very easy to envision as though we were there. I could almost hear the squelching of your friends' feet! On my behalf, I to, truly enjoy the feeling of submerging my sock-covered feet in mud! I have a nice, little, out of the way mud pit down-creek from my home. To those who enjoy bare feet AND socks, my I recommend wearing sheer pantyhose. I've done that from time to time and (aside from the extreme likelihood that you'll rip the feet) it's still a incredible feeling! I do not think of socks, pantyhose, tights, stockings, etc as "Womens" or "Mens". I feel that anyone can wear whatever they want. :) 29 M USA

Wish i was there, but i would def have to do it barefoot and get you girls to take your socks off to :)

We both really enjoy the feeling of wearing thin socks in the mud. Much nicer and more exciting than being barefoot. You should try it, it's great!

Tell you what i will give it a go in socks and let you know how it feels but i'm sure i'll end up taking them off eventually lol.x

You were right, i tried it yesterday over some woods, it felt great.
Did it in socks for about an hour then went barefoot b4 sitting in it. Was bit cold tho.x

Good work! What colour were your socks? I love the feeling of losing my pumps in sticky mud. It feels amazing being in cool wet mud in just my pretty socks!

They were plain black socks but i had to chuck them after as they got ripped. Yeah i love the feeling of having no shoes on and feeling the mud squelch. Last night i walked home from a club and was bit drunk,i couldn't resist walking home accross a muddy field barefoot.

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