My Girlfriend's Fully Clothed Mud Spa For Her Birthday (along With Clothed Wetlook & Clothes Ripping) :)

Ok so it was Gemma's birthday the weekend just gone & she wanted to get totally muddy in her favorite clothes (amidst other things).

So after the family get together in the day, presents exchanged, friends seen etc we went out for a night at a Spa/Hotel we had booked & also took some clothes to change into for reasons explained later. She was wearing her best Blue Levi Jeans, Gray Satin Long Sleeve Blouse, Black Shoes & she said she wanted to get these clothes as totally Muddy & Wet as she could because she wanted to do some Clothes Ripping as well when she was finished.  She had got a lot of new clothes for her birthday & she also works as a Manager at a Fashion Boutique so she was ok for new clothes so I was like 'sure, no problem'.

So after booking ourselves into the rather nice chic hotel we headed quietly to the Spa room for Two where there was a large wide mud bath in the middle of the room, Gemma could hardly contain her excitement (Normally only swimwear is allowed of course, though Gemma being Gemma had different ideas). So when we closed the door of the room she practically headed straight to the Mud Bath in her best Blue Levi Jeans, Gray Satin Long Sleeve Blouse, Black Shoes & initially just stood on the side of the mud bath before looking down at her clothes & back up to myself with a smile before proceeding to literally put her Left leg into the mud bath followed by her Right leg before going on to wade & then roll/wallow in the mud bath in her clothes, before just lying/sitting in the mud bath before I joined her.

We then stayed in the mud bath in our clothes kissing/embracing etc for about 15 to 20Min's in between intervals when Gemma just rolled/wallowed around in the mud bath happily fully clothed.

So after that we both got out of the mud bath (Gemma after myself because she wanted another quick roll in the mud bath to make sure she & her clothes were totally muddy which they were.)

We were of course both caked head to toe with mud so we tried cleaning ourselves & our clothes up with the shower which was also in the room & after a fairly quick shower, our clothes were surprisingly fine though now soaking wet (save for 1 or 2 minor barely noticeable mud stains) so I left the shower & got changed though Gemma stayed in the shower & her clothes were looking in good condition considering the mudding & soaking they had endured but despite this Gemma gave a quick smirk & began to slowly start ripping her Satin Blouse on her chest & then started ripping her Levi Jeans as well which shocked me slightly but she continued completely ripping/shredding her Jeans & Satin Blouse all over until about just over 5 to 7 Min's of clothes ripping she was just in her underwear, I won't go much further than this part because that's private ;)

After that we got changed quickly & went to the restaurant at the hotel (nobody was the wiser for what we had both just done together), had a lovely meal & retired for the night.

Gemma said 'That was probably the most I've enjoyed getting muddy in my clothes, thanks for that & everything else' & we both embraced before waking up to a new day.

Hope you enjoyed that experience of our night & her birthday night together.


Millsio :)

millsio millsio
31-35, M
May 9, 2012