I Love Being In Mud Fully Clothed

I joined this group not because I like women in mud fully clothed, but because I love getting in mud fully clothed! I find it really erotic, but have no idea why. It's strange how really mad stuff like jumping in a mud pit in your favourite clothes can turn a human being on isn't it? I don't claim to understand it but I embrace the madness as often as I can! Nobody else knows I do this and my ultimate fantasy would be to go in the mud with someone else, fully clothed of course! My earliest memory of mud is when I was about fifteen on a school trip. We were in the countryside and I was wearing wellies. I got a bit stuck in some really deep, thick mud and couldn't move my boots. I ended up stepping out of them and wading through the mud in my socks. Rather than finding this disgusting, I thought it felt really nice, and I was surprised to find I felt a bit aroused! The sight of my socks and trousers all covered in mud was something I liked immensely. I started experimenting from this point and would often take my shoes off and walk in the mud in my socks. I found that I enjoyed this more in brightly coloured socks with patterns, or stripes/ spots etc, rather than white ones, which I know to be very popular. Eventually I graduated to full coverage, right up to the neck! I usually wear jeans and shirts for this, and I like entering the mud in shoes and losing them by suction! I normally end up laying in the mud, covered from my neck down, with no shoes on. I absolutely adore the feeling!
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I wish I could join you in the mud. Live near the CA bay area?

its good that you embrace it & not afraid to feel that way about it. It is a good feeling & its ok to be aroused by it you're not alone. Sometimes its harder for a man, as its considered quite a gay thing to rub mud over yourself & enjoy it. Obviously its better with a woman too, but on your own can be enjoyable as well

Welcome to the 'club'. It's nice just talking about and how the feeling of getting messy is just exciting

Thank you. I keep meaning to write more stories, I have some lovely recent mudbaths to talk about!

Do you ever wear argyle socks in the mud?

Are those the ones with colourful diamonds on?

Mud is a lovely thing, especially in clothes! It's great to hear of other girls that like muddy socks, I think it's divine! Great story!

Welcome, lauren, you are indeed among friends here! I love doing it too, sometimes in my good work clothes, usually in specially dedicated clothes I use just for that purpose. My primary exercise plan involves walking around finding mud, then playing in it!<br />
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I used to think other people woudn't get it, but I have been surprised how supportive others have been.

good for you! and welcome to a place where you can tell people about it! I love fully getting covered too! hope to see more posts from you.

Thank you for your support! It's great to be able to talk about this, nobody has a clue that I wallow in mud fully clothed! My friends and family wouldn't get it at all!

Yes, there is a tension between our various WAM "hobbies," and how the rest of the world sees them. Not to mention finding the time and the places to privately endulge them.