A Spur Of The Moment Wallow In Smelly Black Mud

I've been working very hard lately and haven't had any muddy fun for ages! Until tonight that is! I left work and really wanted to be muddy. You know that feeling when a thought occurs to you and you simply have to do it? I took a detour on my way home and parked in a quiet layby near a river. I know the area well and normally the area adjacent to the river is very muddy. It's a great place because even when it's hot and hasn't rained for ages it's still muddy, because of the river. This was a totally impulsive decision, so I was dressed in my work clothes. I had nothing to change into! I actually found this fact enormously exciting! I was about to get into the mud in my smart work stuff! My outfit consisted of a nice tailored shirt in white, high waisted black trousers with quite a wide leg, and smart black ankle boots, with high heels. Under my boots I had a smart pair of thin black and grey striped socks. I reached the muddy area just as dusk was arriving and there was a refreshing coolness to the air. There was nobody around. I jumped off the hard tarmac road into the mud. With a splash, I immediately sunk in right over my knees! It felt divine. I struggled to pull my feet out and overbalanced, falling to my knees in the ooze! It absolutely stank, but I found that fact enjoyable too! I struggled to my feet and continued across the mud. It was so thick and sticky that I could not prevent my socked feet withdrawing from my boots. I love the feeling of being in mud in my socks, the cold wetness soaking the thin fabric just feels amazing. I went back down on my knees so that I could pull my boots out, then continued, carrying them in my now filthy hands. I was totally covered before long, and feeling extremely aroused. I'd wrecked my best work clothes, and I couldn't have felt happier! Finally I used the river to clean the mud off, put my boots back on (with a squelch!) and drove home, soaked and very smelly! I actually think I'll be able to use the trousers and socks again, but the shirt is destroyed and the boots are very scuffed! The fun I've had is easily worth a shirt and some boots though!
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3 Responses Sep 5, 2012

i Love playing in black smelly mud its the best kind of mud :) x

It was really exciting doing it in my work clothes!

I have done similar in a silk red cocktail dress before :)

Keep the boots in the car for mudding adventures. They are not ruined, they have just been christened.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.