Fancy Dress In The Mud!

I've recently competed in an adventure race. This involved running and conquering obstacles. I was in a team of three with two friends. We did it for charity, and decided to wear fancy dress! This was my idea, mainly because I love getting nice clothes muddy! We dressed up as schoolgirls! My outfit consisted of a white blouse, tight black trousers that were too short (finishing just above the ankle), black and white stripey ankle socks, and black canvas plimsolls. My friends were dressed identically. When we set off, we had to jog for about a mile before the first obstacle. It was basically a very wide mud-filled ditch. Brilliant, I thought! When I jumped in, I sank straight up to my knees! We all got across, but one of my friends had to stop to retreive a shoe, it was very sticky! Her sock was filthy, and the shoe was full of mud. It squelched beautifully when it was back on her foot! The next challenge was a zipwire into a muddy area! I went first. When I hit the mud, I stopped suddenly, and before I knew it I was basically rolling in it! I was soon covered, and so were my friends! On my way out of this particular pit, I managed to lose BOTH shoes! My lovely black and white stripey socks were totally caked in mud! This sort of thing went on for almost two hours. When we finished, we were all covered in mud from head to toe, and believe it or not, we didn't have one shoe between us! Is it wrong to feel so sexy, dressed up and covered in mud?!!
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i want to do a mudder race this spring, and will have to find the perfect inspriational dress/outfit for the occasion- thanks for the inspiration!

I would love to enter a competition of this sort, but just cannot find area near here. the thought of being covered, in public, without having to bother about what anyone says must be great.
Sandra :-))

Not at all. The whole point was to have fun and it was for charity. Who cares what other people think. Remember, variety is the spice of life which we all need.

I swore to myself up and down that I would do one of these races this summer. At least there's next year.

Love it!! X

So did I! Gorgeous experience.

hope we can chat soon i have lots to tell you x

Why not private message me? I'd love to hear about your adventures!

ive tried hun but your page is locked :( message me if you want here about my fun in the mud hehe x

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