Enjoying A Mudbath!

I have recently decided to try having a mudbath indoors. I have read stories on here from other people that have done this successfully, and as it is so cold outdoors at the moment, I felt I should try it. I set up a children's paddling pool in the kitchen, and put four large bags of topsoil into it. I decided to buy topsoil as it would hopefully be smoother and stone free. Like others, I used hot water to make the mud! I had to mix it up for a long time, but finally I had a lovely deep mudbath! The mud was the consistency of thick porridge, and a gorgeous chocolate brown colour, I couldn't wait to get in! I decided to make an effort with my outfit, I wanted to look nice so that it would be REALLY exciting getting covered in mud! I put on a smart, fitted white blouse, with a nice purple cardigan over it. I chose my best, newest pair of jeans. They are very nice dark indigo blue skinny ones. I put on a brand-new pair of socks, they're black with a bright red contrasting toe and heel, very cute! At the last minute, I decided to put some shoes on to complete the outfit. I picked a nearly new pair of brown wedge-heeled slip on pumps, they actually look really smart worn with nice jeans and black socks. My heart was in my mouth as I approached the mudbath! I took a last look down at my gorgeous outfit, and swung a leg over the side and into the soft, warm mud. As my foot sank in I couldn't believe how wonderful the warm mud felt as it covered my shoe, sock and trouser leg. I stepped in with my other foot, and enjoyed standing in the mud. It was about nine inches deep and was coating the bottoms of my jeans despite my high wedge heels! I had a walk around the pool, really enjoying myself, and when I could resist it no longer, I dropped to my knees. It felt so warm and wonderful in the mud! As I'd fallen down, my heels had come out of my shoes, so I could see the bright red heel design of my socks. The contrast between it and the filthy brown mud was nice! I easily wriggled my feet out of the shoes completely, and enjoyed the sight of my cute new socks briefly, before they succumbed to the mud. Now I was really enjoying myself, I sat, and layed down in it, and rolled over and over! The sensation of being totally covered, in fact, buried, in the warm oozy mud, was a terrific one! My feet felt lovely too, in just socks! I played in the mud for a long time, I was completely covered in it by the time it had cooled down, every square inch of my clothes was brown! This was the best muddy time I've ever had, to remove the worry about being seen means that you can relax totally and just do what you want! The only garment that I couldn't get clean was the white blouse too! All of the other clothes are OK!
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4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

great story; would love you to do another like it whilst wearing a long pleated skirt.
that would be fab.

No way, I'm not a skirt fan!

I wish I could have watch you do this,than once you got out,I would have like to get in.

It was amazing. A thick, warm mudbath in total privacy, what could be better? It was totally, totally lovely, especially once I'd lost my shoes and was down to my socks in the mud! Just so exciting.

Sounds great, really enjoyed that read. :) x

oooo sounds soo good hun :D xx