The Most Exciting Opportunity Has Arisen!

It looks as though I have stumbled upon a legitimate way to take a humiliating mudbath in public! I work in a bank and we are planning to have a charity fundraiser early next week for the children's ward at the hospital. There will be all kinds of activities but the one I am really excited by is the messy bath! The intention is to fill a bathtub up with dirt and water to make mud, and one of us will be put in it! I think the idea is that you pay to stay clean, the lowest donation results in a messy dunking! I'm not entirely sure how this will work, but I am determined to be the "unlucky" one. I even know which of my smart trouser-suits I want to wear! I want this so badly, please let it be me! Update to follow.............
amywam amywam
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

yay its soo tempting hehe if i was working with you i would bid soo low hehe x

I have experienced something similar at work. I was in a bath full of mud, fully clothed (although I took my shoes off) and I absolutely loved it! Good luck with it, I hope you get chosen!