My Fully Dressed Dunk In The Mud!

You may remember that there was a fundraiser planned in the bank that I work in that involved somebody getting a messy dunk! The plan was to hold a sealed envelope charity donation competition. The idea was that the person donating the smallest amount would be put in a bath of mud! I really wanted it to be me! Senior people and managers etc. were horrified by the idea and I guess made huge donations. I simply placed five pounds in an envelope and hoped for the best (worst)!
On the day of the event, a bath was placed in a large open area and filled right up with dark brown soil. Lots of water was then added and it was mixed very thoroughly until it was an amazing squelchy consistency. My mouth went dry with excitement just looking at it! I'd worn my favourite smart trouser suit, in black, with nice close fitting trousers, and a smart blouse. This was an outfit that I longed to wallow in mud in, and I really hoped I would be the one to go in! At about midday, the envelopes were opened. Some people had donated huge sums of money! There were a few twenties, then a couple of really worried looking people that had only stumped up tenners! When my envelope was opened, a cheer went up! I was the only person to give five pounds! The look of relief on some of the other faces was amusing! I tried my best to look upset and scared! What happened next will stay with me forever. Four of my colleagues picked me up (one grabbing each limb) and carried me towards the filthy bath. On the way, one of the girls pulled my shoes off. This excited me because I really enjoy going in mud in my socks! I had worn a favourite pair that I couldn't wait to get dirty. They were black and white stripey ones with bright red heels and toes. The girl that had taken my shoes off actually commented on how much she liked my socks! This just made me lust after the mud even more! When we got to the bath, they held me over it for a minute, and then simply dropped me in! The cool sensation as I hit the gloopy mud was electric! I sank in quite slowly as it was fairly thick, it was lovely watching my pretty socks disappear into the filthy brown mud! The assembled crowd were shouting and jeering and I found this incredibly exciting! To be the centre of attention in such a humiliating way was great! Somebody told me to lie down in the bath, so I did! I got really into it, even "washing" my hair with it! After a while I was covered from hair to socks, and revelling in my punishment! When I finally got out, my boss thanked me for being a good sport. I hadn't brought a change of clothes with me so somebody was sent to buy me something to wear to go home in! I really enjoyed sitting on a plastic chair, in the middle of the bank all covered in mud! The public humiliation element was a huge source of pleasure! I really want to do this again, it was easily the most exciting thing I've ever done!
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Awesome! Are you hiring?

A dream come to for me to watch and/or participate!! I'm moving to England!!!

That's a excellent contest idea! Perhaps you could persuade the managers to hold another contest. I really liked the way you described what you were wearing and how the mud covered the various pieces of clothing. Is it just me, or do the British people enjoy getting muddy and tolerate it more than other nations? Being an American, I'm frequently surprised how often I find people who are seemingly afraid to do things; even slightly out of the normal.

Its sounds like a lot of fun.I would have like to join you in the mud.Iam excited thinking about it

sounds amazing hun x

That sounds amazing. Just amazing. I would be very keen to be the victim like you! Love the sound of your socks by the way!

Great Story! Especially how you got covered head to toe. Very well written!!

I agree. This is a wonderful story! I would love to be the victim in a lovely oozy bath of mud like this. Very jealous!

Yes, it's not always easy to arrange fellow conspirators, and yet still have it to be wild and spontaneous

I wish some in the WAM community would organize events, for lovers of both wetlook and mud. The thought occurred to me after reading, harriette, about how you would love to be the victim in a bath of mud. A lot of people feel that way, in both the wetlook and mud communities. It's just a thought. What do others think about this? The thing is picking the venues.

Yes, I would give anything to have this happen to me. What would excite me would be getting dropped into a mudbath, in my clothes, without any clean ones to put on, in public! It's that simple. An unplanned, public mudding. What could be better? Or am I just weird?!

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Wow! What an amazing thing to happen to you! I loved reading about this, it's a very well written story! Thank you for sharing.