The reasons for pigtails are many, some more obvious than others. When it’s hot, getting the hair away from the head is cooler, and pigtails are the way to go. When a girl is short on time and needs to get her hair ready in a jiffy, pigtails are quick and easy.   A mature woman might wear pigtails as a fashion statement; perhaps she wants to look young, playful, cute, or sexy. (And yes, pigtails can be both cute and sexy at the same time.) When the Lady wishes to present herself as an enigma; "Is she a good girl pretending to be bad, or a bad girl trying to look good?"   Pigtails are a DEFINITE attention getter.  The more mature the woman wearing pigtails, the more attention those pigtails get. This begs the question, "Why?" What does it mean when a fully grown adult woman chooses to wear her hair in pigtails? Why do pigtails attract attention? Let's start with reasons for men liking pigtails. (OK, not all males enjoy pigtails, but most do, even if secretly.) Pigtails represent youth and, in our society, youth is attractive. As I said above, pigtails are cute and sexy, and what man doesn't enjoy a female showing off something cute and sexy?   Some men fall for the enigma thing: "Why is this lady wearing pigtails? What is she up to?" Pigtails also attract the attention of other females, who pretty much react the same way that men do, but with additional possible thoughts like, "She's such a child!", "What a ****!", or "Wow, I wish I had the guts to wear pigtails."   To me, an adult female with her hair in pigtails is sending a definite message: this lady is playful, naughty, outgoing, bold, and confident. She likes what she has, but knows what else she wants, and is determined to get it. This is a woman with very high self-esteem. It takes a truly special lady to have the confidence to be a Pigtail Girl.  
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8 Responses Jun 19, 2007

i love women wearing tight pigtails

Women who wear pigtails are very pretty

i love a women who wears pigtails

very true

Hands down, it's sexy and cute. To me, it screams out I'm ready to fornicate. Im always tempted to pull them when I see them worn.

Another little lesson learned here-no pigtails here-to many la<x>yers in this shoulder length hair-have heard the ponytail comment though-six brothers and their buddies-fun!

when I wear pigtails around my fiance he thinks I'm trying to say " I wore these handle bars for you baby! Lets get it on!!!" He's not the only one that wants to yank on them. It's like when you where pigtails you automatically have a sign posted on your head that says "Pull". Sorry I won't do tricks if you tug them ( at least not for you ;)

Whelp, that leaves me out! lol. I pull my waist length locks back in a clippie for convenience or laziness. Guess I should be more agressive, huh? How bout I BUZZ the hair, and try the Demi Moore thing?! What would that say about me?