PIGTAILS . . . Continued . . .

This whole pigtail thing with my wife came about as a risqué comment I dropped years ago that grew a life of its own - NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS did I ever expect her to cater to my kink in this area. I mean, getting the wife to go along with the pigtail thing was having my cake and getting to eat it too; having her (voluntarily) don a complete sexy schoolgirl outfit was icing on that cake - icing about as thick as the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Now check this out. Like all men, I’ve been curious about Viagra. Not that I need the stuff - I was curious because of reports I'd heard about how it intensifies the male ******. Sure, there are some side effects mentioned in the promotional literature - sometimes people report seeing a bluish haze or tinge about the edges of lights, certain precautions for people with a history of heart complications, etc - but I figured who gives a **** about side effects, right?

I mean, you're talking to a guy who actually ENJOYS the hallucinatory effects of the meflaquine they give us on deployments, ESPECIALLY when they intrude upon reality, ESPECIALLY when explosives and automatic gunfire are going off in the immediate vicinity, so who gives a **** about whatever stupid side effects a tiny little blue pill can possibly generate???

So I told my medical provider (new word for Army Quack) I need "something to get me going in the sack.” She (that's right - my Doc is a cute little Nurse Nancy who thinks I'm totally insane) asked, "Oh, E.D.?" I told her no, it's not that, there's nothing wrong with the old John Thomas - it's my lower back and I've got the X-rays and the medical history to back me up - I just can't keep up the pelvic thrusts and we usually have to finish off using "alternate means." I used a hand and arm signal to make my point (formed a circle with my forefinger & thumb and made stroking motions toward the mouth, lips forming an O, and I let her imagination take it from there.) For some reason she was blushing and waving her hand, saying she got the picture. She got the picture and I got the 'script. Next stop the pharmacy.  

ANYWAY the Big Night arrived. I told Wifey about how I got the Viagra and she said, "Oh, you don't need THAT" - the whole Oriental state of denial of everything. Like I said Wifey did her hair up in pigtails and then went the extra mile with the little white over-the-knee socks and the plaid micro-mini skirt deal. I hadn't asked for her to go this far nor had I expected it but she was really getting into the swing of things, bless her heart. For the occasion I'd dropped by the local “adult novelty” store and picked up some viewing material of a "cultural" nature. You know.

To get myself warmed up and to make sure the "medication" took properly, I made sure I didn't eat too much a couple of hours prior, and then I chased the little blue pill down with a couple of good stiff whiskeys. I'm a big guy, so a bit of Scotch and waters barely has any effect, and since I've got such a big metabolism, I thought maybe I should try to double up on the dose and see what it's like to ride this thing for all it's worth. All this on top of the bottle of wine we polished off with dinner. We got the kids settled down and tucked in and then we locked ourselves in the Pleasure Chamber and the fun and games got underway.

I mean, there I was standing there totally nude with my wife seated before me done up as a slutty little schoolgirl, her little white top tied in the middle like a sort of halter, wide open of course with the D-cups of her black lace bra turned down to properly display her nice round ******* while she performed ****-worship on my tool. I WAS IN HEAVEN ! ! !

To make a long story short, we really didn't need the dirty movies to get us aroused although they made for some great background thematics. Wifey eventually ended up on her knees with her hands propped up on her elbows so she could keep watching the action play out on the screen while I threw it to her from behind like a jackhammer run amuck. I mean, that Viagra wouldn't let me stop - my **** was harder than cobalt steel and I ended up dog ******* her so hard I thought she was going to run out and start chasing cars.

When I finally came I thought I was going to blow the top of her skull off. And talk about side effects: WOAH!  "Blue-ish tinge" MY ***! The entire visible spectrum was going all around the inside of my head, plus some. I mean, I had white-hot atomic explosions going off behind my eye sockets and psychedelic patterns were bouncing off the walls. I felt *** shooting out the end of my **** like a fire hose, tubes of snot flew out my nostrils reaching out across the room like tentacles . . . long tubers grew out of my scalp, colored in bright red and yellow and blue stripes they connected to and penetrated the walls, the ceiling, the ceiling fan . . .

. . . I felt my toenails growing out like claws and curling down to ridiculous lengths, . . . my phallus extended deep into my wife's body, right up into her chest cavity, along her spinal cord and into her brain until we were literally connected as one sentient being . . . simultaneously an out of body experience occurred where I floated above the bed . . . above the room . . . above the house . . . the city . . . the planet . . . the galaxy . . . the very universe itself . . .

. . . I watched supernovas erupt, bring into being solar systems, then collapse into black holes and devour entire galaxies . . . all the while experiencing the electrons of the atoms of the very molecules that make up my being jump valences as they leapt up and down, back and forth and up and down the lattices of the Periodic Table of the Elements . . .

. . . I was solving the quadratic equation, pi to the ten trillionth decimal point, and the Greater Theory of Relativity, all at once. Inside my head a chorus of angels was singing in sync with a pack of wild baboons pounding on the kettle drums. I was *******, going insane, having brilliant insight, and a brain meltdown all at the same time.

When the dust settled and things started getting back to normal and we were lying off to either sides of the carpet like a pair of casualties on a battlefield, Wifey asked, "So, did you take that Viagra pill?"

"N-a-a-a-h . . ." I lied. "Why do you ask?"

"Because your **** is still hard as a rock, big red and throbbing, and it's pointed right up at the ceiling!"

"Oh . . ." I looked down. She was right; I was still rock hard, ready and rarin' to go. "See?" I said.

"See what?"

"I TOLD you that pigtails were a good thing . . ."

That's my story and I'm sticking to it . . .

 . . . I am . . . STURMBRINGENER ! ! !

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Just a FYI: Viagra has the same side-effect for a woman! Um, without the errection! ;)

"See?" I said.<br />
<br />
"See what?"<br />
<br />
"I TOLD you that pigtails were a good thing . . ."<br />
<br />
<br />
Oh, that is so naughty. lol