That Was How I Met My Wife

So, there was this cool autumn day when I was jogging in the neighborhood park, there was this hot chick jogging in spandex. It wasn't until the third or fourth time that we crossed paths before I said my first "hello."

As the second week approached, I asked if I could jog with her, since we both jogged alone at around the same time everyday since I saw her.

In the first couple of runs, we parted our own way after our jog. After a few times, I asked that we go out for "breakfast" or at least a water or juice. This became our routine. We'd meet up around 9:00am, jog for an hour, walk for 30 minutes, and head to our "bar" by 10:45am, and talk, laugh and share stories.

During one of these talks, laugh and story sharing, somehow we got into talking about jogging clothes. She said I should "seriously consider" ditching my basketball shorts and go for something more "streamline." To that I said, "like you? Looking sleek and sexy?" 

"Yep!" she quickly replied. Boy, was that a turn on. The thoughts that ran through my mind as I looked her in her eyes. I was only able to say, "you pull of the spandex thing remarkably as you have the curves and and the headlights, but I don't think there would be any appreciation for a dude to run around in spandex."

This was a reoccurring theme for a few days. She would dare me to wear spandex and I would say you pull it off better than I. Finally, she convinced me to shop with her, and assured me that I would run better, and that "we would look like a hot couple!" As I was first attracted to her because of beauty in spandex (and she looks lovely when in jeans, mini-skirts and her bikini!!), I melted, and allowed her to take control over me.

Off we went to a running store full of running gear (I never knew there was so much in this industry dedicated to the "simple" sport - act - of jogging). I was her betch for over 2 hours, modelling whatever she though was "appropriate." She outfitted me in tights and technical shirts and she too bought the her version. She was all smiles, so happy, and I have never ... ever ... had a woman shop for "intimate" clothes with me (well, other than my mom when I was in the single digits). Yes, I see this as intimate apparel as my junk is visible!

The next day, I took out my new clothes for the test run. And, I was truly impressed. Not only did the spandex do what was advertised, I felt sexy [How did I know? She couldn't keep her hands off me - well sort of as she slapped my bum a couple of times, and taking (shameless up and down) looks at my entire body - as if I was striped search! This too gave me the much wanted opportunity to visually strp search her too without coming across as creepy]. Our run that day ended as usual, visiting our juice bar, but I did the unthinkable. I spooned her as I felt completely naked given the nature of the spandex. She felt my manlihood. Rather than stay to finish our drinks, we had the drinks to go ... to go .. back to her place. As they say ... the rest is history!!!

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Excellent read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am happy for you both.