It's Like She's Naked, But Not Naked

It clings to every curve and cleft of her body. It highlights her shape and her hips. It shows off the hump of her *** and the feminine flatness of her crotch. It moves with her. It breathes with her. It leaves not much else to imagine.

And it makes my temperature go up by a good 50 degrees. Some women wear spandex so well and get me so hot in their presence that you can toast marshmallows on my aura and hang your coat on my hard-on.

Another great thing about spandex is how women wear it freely in public and walk around like it's nothing. Sometimes in the middle of the day, I take my laptop to a certain local coffee shop to work and I often see a 30-something-and-still-holding-up-great MILF or two stroll inside in their jogging spandex that's pulled up so tight that it goes straight up her butt and her cheeks pop out like two distinct, over-sized, freshly baked muffins. They have strong, slender, well-exercised bodies, the kind you want to feel wrapped around you and then ride all night.

I salute them.
Pinballs Pinballs
31-35, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

Well written experience! Spandex and girls are a perfect match! And I love it when they show off in public their sexy legs and ***** in tight and shiny leggings.