Don't Think I've Actually Experienced One....

Now don't get me wrong... I've bedded my fair share of women, and I've had unprotected sex with many of them. Probably 3/4 of them have swallowed my load at least once. Now having said that... I've never been with a woman who truly seemed to crave it. Who was dying to have it shot on her so she could play with it. Or maybe the woman who would drag me to the side as soon as we were private so she could go down to her knees to feed her urges.

Now having said that... I think it would be fun to experience that with a woman... play with the girl who wants that cream... who wants to feel it inside of her. Maybe even rubs it into her skin a bit... or plays with it after it's been deposited between her legs.
rktktvi2011 rktktvi2011
41-45, M
Nov 27, 2012