*** Loving Girl

I have never been timid of ***, from the first time I saw it I was curious about it. I wanted to taste it, feel it on different parts of my body, and yes feel it inside me. Although all *** does taste and smell different I have never not liked the taste or smell of any of my boyfriends. I have enjoyed swallowing lots of *** and having lots of *** shot all over my butt, my butt, stomach and breasts being my favorite places. I have had facials and love when he shots it right on my lips so I can easily lip it up. Feeling it shoot deep inside me is amazing, the pulsating of his **** and the pressure and force it comes spurting out into me, it feels so amazing and then to watch as it seeps out of me, its such a turn on. I have had guys *** on my panties, either when I am still wearing them or when giving them a hand job, I love licking my *** off panties, pantyhose, lingerie, its just so naughty to take your *** stained panties and lick a guys *** off them especially when it mixes with my juices. I love when a guy has *** inside me and stays inside me so his *** can leak out over his **** and then when he pulls out he is covered in his *** so I can lick it off him.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
5 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I love a lady that will take a **** in her mouth and swallow all of the *** it produces.

Would that all women loved *** as much as you. Every time I read one of your stories, I think, have I added that girl to my circle. Then I look, and you're already there. I'm going to have to put you in my top 5 or something.

WOW! I would really like one of those hand jobs!!

Do you squirt also?

I wish more women enjoyed *** like you do!