What Else Would Make Sense?

Intriguing or mysterious only apply until the puzzle is solved, when moves, responses and stances are easily predicted. Wisdom is good for companionship, but doesn't ignite passion on its own. Fiery is only exciting until you get sunburnt from over-exposure. High sex drive is good until it becomes the only dimension. Encyclopedic memory is great, but like wisdom, needs to be coupled with other traits.

Intelligence is one's mental agility, key to choosing the right aspect for the right situation, and method to avoid stagnation.

I dated a few women who had already reached their stagnation point. In hindsight on her now, someone I was involved with shortly in high school has not evolved. By contrast, others I knew have gone abroad and reinvented themselves. I know others still who have deepened their self identity by incorporating ever more complex aspects of their specialty.

To me, these are the kinds of women who are capable of growing with their partners.
A partnership needs to remain dynamic and responsive to thrive, something I've found is only possible with intelligence behind the eyes.
FluidMind FluidMind
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

You're right. Any one of these traits applied in a vacuum would be problematic. A person of any gender should have all of these to flourish in their relationship of choice. Thanks for the insight, MissLilly.

An interesting take on intelligence. This whole story can mostly be applied to the other gender as well. I would think that is is a combination of traits that accomplishes growth. Will power and sense of self and purpose or the the desire to reach ones full potential and the ability to experience true compassion and love. Perhaps that is true intelligence. I have known a lot of "intelligent" people that honestly could not apply those abilities to many aspects of their life.