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I like men AND women who don't go to the toilet when they should. A dash at the last minute/ past minute. Just thinking about what might happen makes everyday life a bit more interesting :)
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when i first wake up my first visit to the toilet then after that a cup of coffee then i just have to rush may times to relieve myself sometimes it leaks down my legs thru my pants

I think there is an element of schadenfreude in all this. Somehow the thought that somebody is about to have wet or dirty pants amuses me, as I am sure it does many others. The thought especially of someone who is an authority figure being so humiliated is even more exciting. I once found my ex-boss's wet knickers in her bathroom and became almost beside myself. I always got on very well with her, but she was still my boss and thus in authority, so I suppose it was like a naughty schoolboy seeing his teacher wet her pants.
So far as men are concerned, I have always been gratified when some pompous or threatening individual gets a come-uppance in the form of a pant-filling or wetting. This is relatively rare, but I have known it once or twice in my career. The best was in my schooldays when a particularly unpleasant individual had his tea laced with syrup of figs and then one of the more agile lads climbed over the top of the loo cubicles and locked the doors from the inside. The youth filled his pants in front of a number of his victims, who had all gathered to watch.

You should see me now, or better yet feel me.

I had a (female) boss who always used to wait til the last minute. One day she interrupted her conversation with the words "Bladder emergency!" and dashed out of the office. She didn't reappear for ages (until after I left for the evening). I'd love to know what happened (or I'll just make up my own conclusion!!)

I'd have loved to have known too.

It truly is a glorious sight. Movies are good for that, as is a night at the pub, walks in the woods. If you look it's not too hard to find someone who's obviously putting it off. And it's such a delightful thoughtknowing that they must be feeling such an urge.

I agree, Susan. It's great to hear about both. My guess is you probably wouldn't mind hearing about a hung guy in tight jeans or pants leaving it a little to late and struggling to avoid a wetting.

I love to see desperate women queuing for the loo.
Small things from crossing legs to toe tapping

And love to see the pee dance some women do when they are really desperate.

Good post. Thank you for putting it up.

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